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The Hub City Auto Wreckers is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, Hub City Auto was an automobile junkyard that received several citations for improper storage and disposal of radioactive waste.[1]

By 2287, the remains of the junkyard and the adjacent elevated freeway have been turned into a Gunners outpost.


Hub City Auto Wreckers is a small fortified area controlled by the Gunners. In the back there is a crane that can be lowered to access the upper overpass via a terminal in the central elevated shack. There is a power armor station in the shed next to the crane, although the entrance is boobytrapped. There are two beds in the central shack and there is a sleeping bag in the bus on the northeastern side of the makeshift fortification.

On the southern end of the highway, there is a shack with a weapons workbench and a mattress. On the northern end of the broken highway, Captain Bridget guards a shed containing a terminal, a bed and a trunk.

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Related quests编辑

  • Kidnapping - A group of Gunners can take up residence in this location after they have kidnapped a settler. The Sole Survivor is required to come here and free the settler.
  • Quartermastery - Possible location given by Scribe Haylen. The Flux Sensor is located in a truck at the far end of the overpass, next to a bed and a radio.
  • Gametitle-FO4 CC Early Retirement


  • The Gunners are generally hostile to anyone who isn't them. This includes caravans that occasionally pass by the place, resulting in a firefight. Entering the yard usually triggers such an exchange.
  • Captain Bridget can be found at one end of the nearby overpass (accessible by lowering the gangplank via a terminal). She is armed with a Fat Man launcher. With the exception of her right arm, she uses a full set of heavy combat armor, no matter what level you are, making her a good target to attack early in game.
  • The Gunners may occasionally use the Brahmin near Finch's Farm as target practice.
  • There is an unnamed terminal on the overpass that marks Dunwich Borers, Revere Beach station, and Longneck Lukowski's Cannery on the map.
  • A wrecked car forming a ramp to the car wall, from a low roof to the north side, allows the player character to bypass the heavily guarded entrances.
  • Hub City Auto Wreckers can also be a place to rescue a kidnapped settler, even if the NPC mentioned 'raiders'.


The Hub City Auto Wreckers only appears in Fallout 4.


Icon ps4 In the barn, one of the Nuka-Colas in the Nuka-Cola vending machine is unobtainable. [已核实]



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