Dharma was a great, religious man. You would do well to listen closely to his sayings.


Some people in Shady Sands say that they are the followers of Dharma. In our world, dharma is a Sanskrit word roughly translatable as "law" or "the way", and, for practicing Buddhists, dharma is used to mean the teachings of the Buddha.

Aradesh says that Dharma was a great religious man. It is unknown whether he means Buddha or some other pre-War or post-war religious leader of some new dharmic religion. Characters who reference Dharma in the game are Aradesh, Agatha, Seth and Katrina.


Quoted by Aradesh and Agatha:

  • Tough times tan the human hide.
  • Caution is life in troubled times.
  • A man and his wayward tongue are soon parted.
  • Many sticks can be broken. A bundle cannot.
  • Heed not the call of the wolf when the fox is raiding the hen house.
  • Those who tend their own flock, know the shepherd.
  • While you are out hunting the wolves, do not bring the lion to your den.
  • The farmer who plants politeness will walk easy when the season is over.


Dharma is mentioned only in the first Fallout.

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