Part of the underground old Metro tunnel system in the Capital Wasteland, Farragut West Station exits into Tenleytown/Friendship Station. The main entry is close to Super-Duper Mart at Farragut West Metro Station map marker.


  • Mainly Radroaches and a few Feral Ghouls, also there are three Mole Rats .

Points of Interest

  • A Metro Protectron can be activated in the offices close to the entrance (C). Get the Metro Ticket on top of the console to keep him from attacking you. There are also 2 more Metro Tickets in the desks on the NW side of the room.


  • Skill Book: U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes at the bottom of the room with the ghouls, behind a locked door (average), also 3 Pre-War Books, 3 frag grenades, 4 missiles and some ammo (A).
  • Skill Book: Nikola Tesla And You. Through the door opposite the locked gate, in a locked safe (B). If you lack the ability to pick locks, the computer on the desk will open it for you. There is also the Metro Utility Gate Key in the First Aid Box on the desk that opens both the gate and the door beyond.


  • Farragut West is the name of an actual Metro station in DC.
  • You will see the first sight of Ghouls confined behind a chain link fence. Do not open the fence, instead, turn around and enter the control room behind you. Open the metal boxes on the ground to get a Laser Pistol with ammunition and a note. Reading the note will tell you the Laser Pistol can heat up gas to explosion point. Using the computer console enable the Gas Flow Test. Exit the room, arm the pistol and shoot the gas pipes near the ghouls. Voila! The pipes will explode, turning the ghouls into ground meat. This tactic will only work with pipes with gas obviously emitting from them which are rare.
  • There is also a location in Oblivion named Fort Farragut, and Bethesda may have been making a reference to that location. Or more likely, as Bethesda is located in the DC area Fort Farragut was named for this part of DC.
  • There is a room in Farragut West Station that can be used as Fallout 3 player housing. The room is opposite of the locked fence with the feral ghouls. There is a safe that can be locked using the terminal on the desk. There is also a naval cot behind the counter.

Behind the scenes

Farragut West station is a real metro station in Washington D.C., although its location is farther inside the D.C. area.