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關於the actual station itself,參見Farragut West station


法拉格特西地铁站 is a Metro tunnel access point located on the northern outskirts of Washington, D.C., near the river Potomac.


To the east of Super-Duper Mart and north of Wilhelm's Wharf, across the river from both. farragut west is also a spawning spot for two brotherhood paladins who will be fighting two supermutants

Notable Loot

  • A Duck and Cover! in a shelter under an intact bridge (though not the broken one with raiders). Turn around after leaving the station and head west/northwest. The skill book is sitting on a table with 2 frag grenades. There is a landmine on the ground near the area. Be careful not to set it off, as it may knock the skill book off the table, making it difficult to find.
  • A U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes book behind a medium locked door, just below the Metro Utility gate and door, 3 Pre War books can also be found in the same room.
  • A Nikola Tesla and You book in the safe in the office just before the Metro Utility gate.


  • If you walk down to the dock like area facing away from the central city be sure to prepare for 2-3 Super Mutant Masters with a Minigun and an Assault rifle to blast you and two raiders from the corner of a building next to Wilhelm's Wharf. *These do not appear anytime before you go to that dock area (No killing them before you cross the river.)
  • If you attempt to cross the river to reach Farragut West Metro Station, be prepared to fight the 3 raiders on the east side and also the 2 Super Mutants on the west side (possibly armed with a minigun and missle launcher depending on your level). You can sneak across the river further north, spawn the Super Mutants by approaching the dock, watch from the stairs as the raiders and Super Mutants battle each other, then pick off the side that wins (usually the Super Mutants). This saves you some effort and, more importantly, ammo. If you have spare Frag Mines, place them near the wooden ramp on the west side (to hurt the Super Mutants).
  • Possible random encounter point (Talon Company).
  • One of the possible Firelance random encounter points.

Behind the scenes

  • Farragut West is a real metro station in Washington D.C.