關於the unnamed NPC character in Fallout: New Vegas,參見Vagrant

Yes. With these people, you know exactly where you stand. They don't play games. The Enclave was like a pack of hyenas - they'd turn on you in a second.A. Ron Meyers

The tanker vagrants are a faction in San Francisco in 2242.


The vagrants are a diverse collective of solitary wanderers, social outcasts and survivalists from across the wasteland that immigrated to San Francisco for the tolerance and respect for secrecy there. They eventually occupied the deck of the abandoned tanker, forcing the creatures that inhabited it to remain in the holds. The vagrants formed a community, using the vessel as their home, turning it into a simple settlement, selling various scavenged items to visitors.


The community is led by captain A. Ron Meyers, an Enclave technician gone AWOL ("a tough old military guy" as described by Marc). The second community leader was Badger, the local hacker and electronics specialist.


Vagrants, despite their deceptively weak looks, are well armed. A typical tanker inhabitant carries a H&K G11 with spare mags, some stimpaks and cash, though some have M72 Gauss rifles and there's even a unique XL70E3 carried by one of the female vagrants.


After the ending of Fallout 2, the ending sequence says "As for the tanker vagrants… well, as vagrants do, they drifted on." Seeing as there are no alternatives to this sequence, it can be assumed that this is canon.

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