They've holed up in the nearby metro tunnels. They're living with packs of feral ghouls. They've barred the main entrance. Go through the train yard.Gustavo

The Warrington Tunnels are a series of ruined subway tunnels under Warrington, located in the southwest of the Capital Wasteland. The tunnels go between Warrington Station (southwest of Tenpenny Tower) and Warrington Trainyard (west of Tenpenny Tower). The tunnels are populated by Ghouls.

Notable Loot

  • The central room contains 2 Medical Kits, 2 Ammo Boxes (one with an "easy" lock, 2 Metal Boxes, a Toolbox, 3 loose Railway Spikes, 2 Fission Batteries, 2 Leather Belts, a Paint Gun, and a Lunchbox
  • In the middle of the eastern-most tunnel, next to a skeleton, there is an Ammo Box and a loose Assault Rifle and Stimpak.
  • On the south side of the eastern-most tunnel there is a storage room with an "average" lock. It contains a lot of loot -- 3 Medical Kits, a Toolbox, a Grenade Box, an Ammo Box, and 2 Metal Boxes, as well as 2 loose wonderglues.
  • In the room that's in the farthest northeast corner of the map (Room with door to Warrington Station), there's a shelf with 2 Medical Kits. Shelf also contains 5 Sensor Module (Used in Schematics - Bottlecap Mine) and 2 Conductors. Around the corner there's a Desk with 3 loose Conductors and a Stimpak on top of it.

Related Quests

  • Tenpenny Tower