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They've holed up in the nearby metro tunnels. They're living with packs of feral ghouls. They've barred the main entrance. Go through the train yard.Gustavo

沃靈頓火車站剛好位於特佩尼大廈西面在遊戲地圖西南角,毗鄰沃林頓地鐵站。 這裡居住著殭屍,並有一個持久的,但不是很嚴重的輻射源。




  • 向西北,剛越過山脊,圓點餐廳(Dot's Diner)就會出現在眼前,可惜沒有任何有價值的物品。
  • 在餐廳西面,有一個放射性水池的地方是個隨機事件發生點。
  • There is a Missile Launcher (very poor Condition), 2 Rad Away, 2 Grenade boxes, and a first aid kit on a broken walkway above the trains. To get there you must walk along the fence on the northern side, go up the slope and then jump onto the walkway. You will get some radiation.
  • You can find a few skeletons with purple robes on them, many people think these were the CoC (Children of the Cathedral).
  • In the middle is another L-shaped sniper shack with an Ammo box, first aid kit, 2 Rad-X, some Railway Spikes and poor condition Sniper Rifle.