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Zzz... Three angry deathclaws make for a lot of reconstructive surgery.

Sink Auto-Doc is an Automated Personality found in the Sink in 2281.


The Sink's Auto-Doc is a prototype Auto-Doc built by Dr. Mobius before he left the Think Tank and all of The Sink's systems were disabled. When its personality back-up is recovered from the Y-17 medical facility, the Auto-Doc speaks in a stereotypical 1940s military drawl. When inactive, the unit may snore loudly, ramble on about patient injuries such as 'shoe lung' while 'asleep,' or make passing comments on the Courier's general health.

The Auto-Doc was responsible for removing the Courier's brain, a procedure that would normally result in its subject becoming a lobotomite. However, due to the cranial injury from being shot in the head, the Auto-Doc was forced to adjust the operation routine and was successfully able to perform the intended operation.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • All My Friends Have Off Switches
  • Influencing People
  • Old World Blues
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Stim-ply Amazing.png
  • Implant C-13 - 8,000 caps
  • Implant M-5 - 10,000 caps
  • Implant Y-3 - 12,000 caps
  • Implant Y-7 - 20,000 caps
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  • Haircuts
  • Character respec


  • All My Friends Have Off Switches: One must retrieve the personality matrix for the Sink Auto-Doc.
  • Influencing People: One must locate and install various upgrades to the Sink Auto-Doc.
  • Old World Blues: Optionally, it may be used to restore your heart and spine.

Other interactions

  • The Sink Auto-Doc will heal all of the Courier's hit points/limbs and remove all rads and addictions for free.
  • It will also change a trait (only once) as part of a "psychological evaluation" (an exploit relating to the Skilled trait exists, see below).
  • Giving a haircut (after installing the barber upgrade).
  • Providing facial reconstruction (after installing that upgrade).
  • Installing 4 different implants of varying price after one has found the modules:
名称 解锁条件 级别 效果 ID
C-13植入体 花费8000瓶盖在The Sink里的大山脉自动医生处通过对话进行手术。 1 杀人蜂造成的伤害提高10%. 009616
M-5植入体 花费10000瓶盖在The Sink里的大山脉自动医生处通过对话进行手术。 1 你的蹲伏移动速度提高20%. 009614
Y-3植入体 花费12000瓶盖在The Sink里的大山脉自动医生处通过对话进行手术。 1 摄入受辐射的水资源时自动移除辐射。 009615
Y-7植入体 花费20000瓶盖在The Sink里的大山脉自动医生处通过对话进行手术。 1 摄入食物时额外回复5点生命值和2点行动点数。 00961A


  • The Sink Auto-Doc heals only base level HP. Bonus HP from the Thought You Died perk is not restored.
  • The Sink's Auto-Doc is one of the only two non-player characters able to change the Courier's appearance in-game after Doc Mitchell, the other being Sergio.
  • All interactions take no in-game time to complete.
  • The Sink Auto-Doc is somehow aware of deathclaws and ghouls, even though none of the creatures normally appear in Big MT.

Notable quotes


Sink Auto-Doc appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

  • The symbol depicted on the Sink Auto-Doc is the Caduceus, which actually symbolizes commerce, but is commonly erroneously used as a symbol of medicine instead of the correct Rod of Asclepius. However, the symbol of the US Army Medical Corps in real life today is the Caduceus and has been so since 1902. With the Sink Auto-Doc portrayed with the personality of a 1940s military doctor and coupled with the fact that Big MT receives a lot of work from the pre-War Army, it is possible the Sink Auto-Doc was designed for eventual military use and thus sported the symbol of the Army Medical Corps.
  • One of the Sink Auto-Doc's sleep talking lines is a reference to James Weldon Johnson's well-known spiritual, "Dem Bones."


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Even with all the holotapes located & installed, the only options available while interacting with the Sink Auto-Doc are heal yourself & respec your traits. This bug only affects the Spanish version of the game. The 3rd option in the menu is left blank due to an error in language translation, so only two options are displayed. [已验证]
    • It may be worked around by temporarily switching the game's language to any different language than Spanish, or mod the game and add the missing translation.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If the Sink Auto-Doc is used to remove the Skilled trait, the trait's bonus remains (the penalty does not) or if the player re-selects it, they gain an extra 5 more skill points on top of the original 5 point bonus (giving 10 points per skill). In the latter case, you will receive the penalty as normal. [已验证]


  1. The Courier: "A cranial injury. From the attack outside Goodsprings."
    Mobius: "[SUCCEEDED] Yes. Very good. I should have Mentats ingest you instead of the other way around. Mmm. Mentats. In any event, you showed up at the Think Tank, and because you had suffered a cranial injury in just the right place... Bullets in the head are usually much more fatal, and yours was a light case of bullet-head-itis. But... it was enough for the Auto-Doc in the Sink to change its programming to fix the problem. And the brain extraction technology for once, worked. That gave the Think Tank the knowledge its brains shouldn't... couldn't... sh'couldn't possess. With that knowledge, the procedure can be reversed. If they obtain that procedural data, they can use it to mush and modify their cranial selves into hosts to slip past the Radar Fence, I'm sure of it. And once they're off the reservation..."
    (Mobius' dialogue)