Pull the Plug is a side quest which occurs at the Thicket Excavations in Fallout 4.


  1. 和薩利·馬提斯對話
  2. 擰緊水底的三處閥門修好淹沒的採石場管線
  3. 啟動幫浦
  4. 殺死泥沼蟹並向薩利拿報酬




Quest stages

300 Repair PipesSully asked me to help repair the leaky pipes so he can get the pump running again.
500 Talk to Sully MathisI've repaired all the pipes. I should head back and let Sully know.
600 Start the pumpSully's giving me the great honor of turning the pump on. I just need to flip the switch.
700 Talk to Sully MathisThe pump's working! I should go talk to Sully.
1000 Come back later to see progressThe pump is running and the water is slowly emptying out of the Quarry. I should come back later and see what progress has been made.
1500Quest finishedWater lowered


  • 在完成任務之前離開挖掘區將重置地點中大多數集裝箱內的物品。
  • 在唯一點亮的拖車內,玩家可以在終端內找到其中名為薩利的日記的全像卡帶。該卡帶價值888瓶蓋,很不尋常。
  • Inside the same trailer there are at least two locked containers with modified weapons and chems.
  • 最高说服三次可将奖励提高到125金币。
  • If deciding to use power armor to navigate under water when returning to it the water breathing effect does not occur sometimes (it can occur in certain areas), this can result in drowning very easily. It seems to be in regard to whether or not there is an underwater ceiling above one's head.
  • 穿着装甲下水你就没法浮起来了。
  • 萨利如果被玩家杀了,玩家也可自己下水关阀门,但没有金币奖励。
  • 萨利如果在匪徒占据之前被玩家杀了,匪徒将会有一个随机的领导。
  • 玩家不需要在修理管線的途中探索水底的戰利品。However, the area is farmable upon revisiting on a set timer so one can feel free to wait.
  • 即使你的朋友们喜欢或讨厌压价,在此事中他们也没反应(因为萨利是匪徒)。


  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png If the player sleeps for 24 hours after killing the mirelurks but before talking to Sully, this quest's quest log entry will freeze and not go away.[已核实]

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