The dart gun is a constructible small gun in Fallout 3.


The dart gun is a player-crafted weapon which functions like a small pistol-crossbow. It can be assembled at any workbench by using at least one dart gun schematic, and the appropriate components. 喷漆枪作為槍的结构,其喷漆罐储存辐射蝎的毒液玩具車作為弩藉著手术橡胶管的弹力将飞镖沿着导轨发射出去。

由于带辐射蝎毒液的飞镖的麻痹效果,射击目标的肢体会立刻导致其瘫痪,making it extremely useful against fast melee opponents such as deathclaws, yao guai, feral ghoul reavers, super mutants, and aliens. Surprisingly, the poison from the dart does affect radscorpions; however, it does not hinder the radscorpion's speed as dramatically as it does other enemies.

After the initial hit, the darts inflict additional poison damage upon the target for 8 seconds unless the target is non-organic, such as a robot, in which case the poison will do no extra damage. The poison damage effects of the dart do stack; more darts in the target at once will cause it to lose health at a faster rate.

The dart gun is treated as a silenced weapon, and has 0 spread (perfect accuracy when shot with a Small Guns skill of 100), making it an effective stealth weapon.


The dart gun can fire a total of about 883 darts from full condition before breaking.


The dart gun is a player-crafted weapon, and must be created at a workbench. It is not otherwise found in the Capital Wasteland.


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  • The dart gun is more of a tactical weapon, because of how it cripples the limbs of enemies. It is useful for slowing down strong melee fighters, but not particularly effective at killing them.
  • The dart gun weighs less than half of all the components used to craft it.
  • This gun can fire through water to hit completely submerged enemies.
  • There is writing on one side of the paint gun which reads 'bug juice', referring to the radscorpion venom.
  • Next to the written "bug juice" (on the side of the can) is a drawn skull and crossbones.
  • With a value-to-weight ratio of 166 2/3:1, it is the most valuable craftable in the game.


Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one crouches with the dart gun equipped, the rod on the back of the paint gun component will constantly move back and forth (as if it were being reloaded). This only happens when viewing the player character in 3rd person. [已验证]

  • Note: This bug has been patched.


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