The Pleasant Valley cabins is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


These cabins, with the largest called called 黑鑽山屋 before the war, once housed the wealthy and the powerful who visited the luxurious Pleasant Valley resort. After the War, the rich-cum-raiders repurposed them as arenas, housing, storage, and other elements necessary for the rising tribe.


Pleasant Valley cabins, is located north of Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. It is separated by a central road adjacent to a rock face. The lower area consists of large houses, an arena with a line of shanties each side of the entrance and a group of small cabins. The upper area consists of large houses and a motel.

Along the lower road, there are a series of small shanties on each side of the arena entrance. The shanties contain two armor workbenches, a weapons workbench, a chemistry station and two cooking stations.

Points of interest

The cabins stretch on the northern slope of the mountain, surrounding the meandering main road. The northwestern cluster is perhaps the richest in potential loot, as it contains two safes in the northwestern cabins, together with a magazine spawn point and a chemistry station just the opposite, together with remnants of the raiders' trading post and bar. There's also the arena, with a random raider power armor in the center, surrounded by raider bodies, with the adjacent chalet that served as a viewing station containing armor workbenches and another magazine spawn point. There are random plans by the workbenches themselves, on the shelves.

The northern cluster of cabins overlooking the valley below contains two cooking stations, a weapons workbench in the eastern cabin, and two magazine spawn points in the western and eastern cabins, respectively. The northeastern cabin and the restaurant/lodge in the northeast contain assorted loot and terminals. The lodge, in particular, has a custom terminal from Greene Custom Defense Systems, allowing for generating security keys.

The grand lodge in the center is partially collapsed but contains a lot of potential loot, including a steamer trunk, a magazine spawn point behind the podium, and two bobbleheads in the central section. The looted shop in the northeastern part also contains a magazine spawn point. Up the hill is the playground, with minor assorted loot.


  • 潔拉丁·費茲蒙的全像卡帶 - 旅館西南邊櫃檯上。
  • 霍頓·麥莫立克的全像卡帶 - 在連結競技場的房子樓上。
  • 洛利的全像卡帶 - 在有著紅門的小屋床上。
  • 恰恩西的筆記 - 在西北邊數過去第二棟小屋樓上,外頭馬路有著Keep Out警示牌。
  • 崔佛的筆記 - 道路盡頭大房子內臥房的終端機下。
  • 菲莉絲的筆記 - 旅館外頭山坡上有台載著小艇的車,筆記在小艇上。
  • TNT圓頂鑰匙2 - 上述崔佛筆記的屋子陽台底下的牆壁保險箱內,需要屋內終端機產生的密碼才能打開。
  • 布羅迪房間鑰匙 - 秘神會探子任務過程會找到,在旅館內的旅行袋。
  • 歡樂谷內網備忘錄 - 同上,布羅迪房間的提箱內。
  • 秘神會:閨秘全像卡帶和奧莉維亞·瑞佛斯秘神女的登入 - 布羅迪的終端機內。
  • 大衛的獎盃和蘿莎琳紀念碑的照片 - 大衛的房間內,古怪夥伴任務期間找到。
  • Six potential magazines:
    • On the headboard of the double-mattress bed, in the first ruined lodge structure (if approaching from the east), with the planks onto the roof of the coach, near the bus stop (interior, but no roof).
    • On the podium, on the stone patio, southwest end of the upper lodge area, with the multiple seats around the lectern, which is flanked by two red ornate chairs (exterior).
    • On the mattress in the room with the rug, off the room with the three terminals and green carpet, inside the lodge attached to the raider arena, accessed via the exterior deck (interior).
    • On the low side table between two red bar stools with backs, above scattered beer bottles, on the deck of the southwestern, faded blue shiplap mansion, lower area (exterior).
    • On the coffee table with the two cafeteria trays, by the blue couch under the brahmin wall mount heads, inside the yellow door and curtained cabin (interior).
    • On the metal table below the raider corpse, in the bunk bed cabin with half a red front door, the northwest cabin in the group of three, next to the rusty yellow pickup (interior).
  • Eight potential recipes:
    • Two outside the highest cabin in the outdoor seating area.
    • Two in the kitchen of the motel at the top of the hill.
    • Two near the fire pit surrounded by the three small cabins.
    • One on the kitchen bench in the small cabin with the yellow door.
    • One in the shanty with two fridges.
  • Three potential plans - In the small shanties adjacent to the arena with the armor workbenches.
  • 掠奪者動力裝甲 - 競技場中央。
  • Stealth Boy - In the dinghy near the motel at the top of the hill.


The Pleasant Valley cabins appears only in Fallout 76.