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Mechanical Menace is a quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


  1. 收聽商隊求救訊號
  2. 找到商隊。
  3. 消滅敵對機器人。
  4. 亞達對話。



Quest stages

10 Startup
2100 Listen to Distress CallMy Pip-Boy is picking up a distress call signal. I should listen to it to see what it says.
2200 Find the CaravanThe distress signal told me the caravan was just east of Wattz Consumer Electronics. If I want to help them, I need to get there fast.
2300 Eliminate the Hostile RobotsWhen I arrived at the caravan site, the travelers were already dead. I saw a robot being attacked by several other robots that I've never seen before. If I help this lone robot, perhaps I can learn more about what's going on.
2400 Speak to AdaNow that I've rescued the robot, I should speak to it and find out what's going on.
3000Quest finishedQuest complete


  • Has platform::PCPC Sometimes right after downloading Automatron and starting it on US copies of the game, the character associated with the add-on will speak a different language but the subtitles will come up in English. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Dismissing a companion to take Ada and then quickly asking them to follow you again (and thereby dismissing Ada) will cause the quest to instantly complete.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC If you are having script lag issues the quest will not update if you take Ada with you immediately when talking to her, you need to say you will do it later, sending her to a settlement; that will allow Mechanical Menace to finish, although you may have to wait quite a while until the next stage starts.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC After eliminating the robots, Ada may be sporadically and quickly moving around in all directions, making it impossible for the Sole Survivor to interact with her. [已验证]
    • For PC open the console select Ada and disable her, then enable her and she will behave properly.
    • Throwing a grenade at her seems to fix this.
  • Has platform::PCPC If the distress call is not listened to immediately after the quest spawns, that station may fail to play, preventing the quest from moving to the next step and the quest marker at Wattz Consumer Electronics from spawning. It will still be possible to travel to the caravan's location and engage in the battle. It is unclear whether this bug is triggered by fast travel or loading of an environment in general. [已验证]
    • Has platform::PCPC The next stage of the quest can be activated with the console command setstage DLC01MQ01 2200.
  • Has platform::PCPC After reaching Wattz Consumer Electronics, and following the quest marker, you won't find any caravan or Ada. Walking to the quest marker will remove the caravan distress call, and complete the objective, but no hostile robots will spawn leaving Automatron unplayable.[已验证]
    • A possible solution is to load an older save outside of the Cambridge area before starting the quest.
    • If you delete your saves so you don't have any outside of Cambridge you can uninstall Automatron, make a save outside of Cambridge, then install Automatron again.
    • Has platform::PCPC This can be worked around by the following; go to where Caravan should be,type prid 0100ff12 then enable. Exit the console, wait for Ada to appear. Then type setstage DLC01MQ01 2400. This will spawn Ada, complete the robot elimination step and then allow you to talk to Ada, who then proceed as if the quest had been done normally, allowing you to continue the DLC. While the Caravan will not spawn, all you miss is some loot from the area and nothing of notable value.
  • Has platform::PCPC After killing all the robots, you are prompted to speak with Ada. Some players have experienced the inability to activate any kind of dialogue with Ada rendering the quest unable to complete. [已验证]
    • Has platform::PCPC You can skip this quest with the console command setstage DLC01MQ01 3000, and since talking to Ada is the last part of this quest you won't miss much.
    • Sometimes this is caused by Ada attempting to continually enter combat with targets in the area, due to this area's high spawn rate. If this is the case, enter the nearby Wattz Electronics, and use xx00ff12.moveto player.
    • Has platform::Xbox OneXbox OneThis may happen if the player "Deactivates" the robots instead of killing them. Killing them will fix this issue.

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