Believe me, I would love orders to take Cottonwood Cove apart and kick the Legion back across the river. But, the brass at McCarran doesn't want us to waste resources on something they consider a minor target. So we just get to watch.Green



The largest single encampment of Legion forces on the western side of the Colorado River, these Arizonan, Legion slavers have a major foothold in the Nevada and use the position to bring in troops and supplies from Caesar』s main base on Fortification Hill.[1]


南邊的部分包括食堂,小碼頭,和幾棟房子,這裡沒什麼好戰利品。指揮部在營地中心,是一棟二層小樓。小樓北面是一溜小帳篷。這裡有凱撒新兵不斷巡邏,後期是老兵來巡邏。通常巡邏兵都帶著一條軍團混血狗。巡邏隊控制著所有路口。基地老大-鳳凰城的奧勒留斯一般都是蹲在指揮部二樓或小陽台上。Decanus Severus can be found in or next to a tent beside the building.

南邊的棉花叢台地是個絕佳的制高點,打黑槍的首選之地。潛行狙擊流強力推薦,敵人一一倒在你的槍下,卻無法還擊。另外,在台地邊上有一輛廢棄的卡車,車子是從聖-奧佛雷(核電廠)來的,裡面有大量核廢料。如果你有50+的開鎖技能,可以把車廂打開,裡面的核廢料桶會直奔下面的營地而去,後果是營地全滅。 Although the Legionaries and everyone else in the area are killed instantly, the actual radiation level in the area is very low and does not prevent anyone from entering the area afterwards.

If the player character elects to fire Ulysses' missiles at the Legion, the boat to Dry Wells is located here.

如果你在孤獨之路資料片The Apocalypse任務中將核彈頭對準軍團,這裡就會出現一艘小船通往枯井營地。 .


  • 棉花叢灣總部
  • 棉花叢灣儲藏室
  • 棉花叢灣洗手間
  • 棉花叢灣棚屋
  • 棉花叢灣餐廳


  • 安德斯, 被釘十字架的大汗幫成員
  • 鳳凰城的奧勒留斯,百夫長
  • 迪卡諾斯·西佛勒斯, 營地二當家
  • 峽谷特使, 奴隸負責人
  • 引路者盧庫勒斯, 碼頭看守
  • 韋瑟斯夫人, 奴隸,弗蘭克·韋瑟斯的老婆
  • 薩米·韋瑟斯, 奴隸,韋瑟斯夫人的女兒
  • 肯尼·韋瑟斯, 奴隸,韋瑟斯夫人的兒子


  • 奧勒留斯辦公室的床頭桌上有一本<野蠻人柯南>的漫畫
  • 指揮部的文件櫃里有一份軍團劫掠綱要。
  • 墮落的報應(用狗牌做的指虎),一本生存雜誌,一張巡邏便條,都在奧勒留斯的辦公桌里。
  • 女衛生間的架子上有一個髮夾,一個藍星沙士瓶蓋。
  • 男衛生間地上有一本技能雜誌,內容隨機。


  • 嘩啦啦,蜜月 - 解救大汗幫被釘十字架的人員,破壞大汗幫和凱撒的結盟
  • 生離死別 - 救出韋瑟斯夫人及其兒女
  • 血債血償 - 摧毀這個營地,以完成探照燈營地阿斯特中士的報仇任務。
  • I Forgot to Remember to Forget - Completing Eye for an Eye with Craig Boone as a follower will earn you history points towards triggering Boone's companion quest.
  • 為凱撒而戰 - 從這裡去要塞晉見凱撒
  • Arizona Scavenger - Collect NCR dogtags for Aurelius of Phoenix or Decanus Severus.
  • Caching in at the Cove - After gaining Fame with the Legion, a Legionary will approach and tell you of supplies for you at the Cove.
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) The Apocalypse - If the player character elects to fire Ulysses' missiles at the Legion, the boat to Dry Wells is located here.


  • 當你和布恩一起來到這裡的時候,布恩會告訴你這裡是個骯髒的凱撒奴隸營地,他要把這裡殺的雞犬不留。
  • After every Legionary in the camp is killed, Boone will sometimes express disappointment that there were not more of them.
  • 如果你用核廢料毀掉了營地,渡口的接引使者會穿上防輻射服。
  • If the radioactive barrels were released upon Cottonwood Cove without freeing the Weathers family, the family will be killed and the quest Left My Heart will be failed.
  • If Cursor Lucullus has been killed, it is still possible to travel to the Fort by simply activating the raft at the end of the pier.
  • Looting Aurelius' office will result in negative Karma.
  • There is a hollowed out rock to the left when one fast travels to Cottonwood Cove. The rock will be marked with the phrase "The sun is killing me" and is located in the path between the two crucifixes.
  • 可疑的是,在營地老大的辦公室也會發現毒品,看來凱撒的說教並沒有深入人心,只不過是他自我陶醉而已。




  • Romanes Eunt Domus (translated in-film as "People called Romanes, they go, the house") is painted on the side of the Cottonwood Cove HQ, a reference to Monty Python's The Life of Brian.[2]



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