Graygarden is a location and a possible settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Staffed by a fleet of Mister Handy robots, and led by the three color coded Supervisors by the name of White, Brown and Greene, Graygarden is a bountiful greenhouse for the Commonwealth.

戰前愛德華·格雷博士建立。 Here the Sole Survivor can trade with Supervisor Greene, start the quest Troubled Waters by speaking to Supervisor White, while Supervisor Brown will reward the player character for returning crop samples from the wasteland, which will cause the Graygarden workers to begin cultivating those crops as well as their original crops.


Just outside the greenhouse is a large field of mutfruit which are tended to by a couple of Mr. Handies and inside are several planters filled with corn, carrots, gourds, tatos and more mutfruit.

Due west of the main facility are two buildings. The first is a small garage with assorted junk components and a toolbox. The western building, Graygarden homestead, is a two story house with an Expert locked basement containing a chemistry station, assorted glassware and a pulse mine. The kitchen has collapsed and is inaccessible from within the homestead.



Notable loot

To the east there is a crashed Vertibird on the upper level of the highway with some ammo boxes beneath the overpass. A bit further east, near the next highway support pylon, is a window washer style elevator that lifts to the upper level. Walk back towards Graygarden to find a suit of power armor.


  • Although this settlement seems small, thanks to the pre-existing crops and large greenhouse consuming most of the "floorspace," one could always "build up" as both the lower and upper segments of the overpass fall under the envelope of the settlement's boundaries, allowing them to be built upon with relative ease. (Some vehicles cannot be scrapped, nor can the cement dividers be removed.) Also broken highway segments are regarded as "in the boundary," so by making stairs it is possible to build over the highway.
  • Codsworth will show a preference to Graygarden, and likes it when the Sole Survivor completes quests there.
  • If one starts building at the lowest point in the settlement, it is possible to construct a structure up to 14 stories tall, although it will be divided by the highway.
  • 该村的食品产量很大。
  • 如玩家招募村民,村民可能会跑高架桥上面。
  • 因为全是机器人,他们没有任何的需求。即使所有植物都被拆除,机器人仍会在原地点假装干活。
  • 所有机器人都不能被玩家修改。


Graygarden appears only in Fallout 4.


  • 格雷花園的位置約略位於現實的沃爾瑟姆水鎮。這些城鎮的兩個主要農業用地為過去賓利大學的農業學院以及戈爾廣場私人農場的公共農業合作社。
  • "格雷花園"這個名字源自阿爾伯特和大衛·梅斯勒斯兄弟1975年的同名紀錄片。這部電影描繪了一個隱居母女倆的日常生活,兩人都名叫伊迪絲·貝爾(又稱“大伊迪”和“小伊迪”)。大小伊迪據信分別為賈桂琳·甘迺迪·歐納西斯(美國第一夫人)的伯母和大堂姊。在紀錄現實生活的影片中,這兩位以前的上流名媛在經過五十年的時間後,發現自己有點愛幻想(即沉溺在過去的時光裡),生活在日益貧困,並且在一個更加破舊(跳蚤、貓和浣熊出沒)的東漢普頓豪宅,過著幾乎原始的生活。
  • 監督員白懷特的角色來自美國電視節目快樂農夫(1965-1971)。監督員白懷特的口音和“親愛的”之類的口頭禪類似於伊娃·加博爾在節目中使用的。這顯然是白懷特的創造者愛德華·格雷博士用於她獨特的個性。