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A bottle of Nuka-Cola, the flavored softdrink of the post-nuclear world. Warm and flatFallout in-game description



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In Fallout, Nuka-Cola tends to play a background role. Dugan, an addict, can talk about the drink, but otherwise it has no direct effect on the storyline.

Fallout 2

The drink has several minor uses for quests and items in Fallout 2. One of the three ingredients of a super stimpak as crafted by the artiste of the test tube known as Myron. Also, the Chosen One can use any sort of status-modifying drug to trigger a fatal heart attack in Big Jesus Mordino.

Fallout Tactics

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Fallout 2

Fallout Tactics

  • A few can be found in Peoria.


Nuka-Cola machines, other than for reasons of gameplay, restock every one to seven weeks. In Fallout Tactics, there is a special encounter with a man pedaling a bicycle cart. This is Phil, the Nuka-Cola dude, who claims via bubble text to be personally responsible for restocking the vending machines of the wasteland. An unlimited quantity of Nuka-Cola can be purchased in the Broken Hills bar (this may be explained indirectly by the Homebrewed Nuka-Cola recipe in Fallout: New Vegas).

Behind the scenes

  • During the 2008 E3 as a promotional item, people were given a real drinkable version of Nuka-Cola. It greatly resembles the 1950s look of the Coca-Cola brand bottles.
  • During 2015/2016 a real version of Nuka Cola Quantum could be purchased online and in Target stores worldwide.
  • The name of the Nuka-Cola creator, John-Caleb Bradberton, is an amalgamation of the inventors of Coca-Cola (John Pemberton) and Pepsi-Cola (Caleb Bradham).
  • Its logos, bottle designs, market crash, and even its name are heavily based on Coca-Cola.

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