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The Charleston Capitol Building is a location in the city of Charleston in Appalachia in 2102.


The Charleston Capitol Building survived the Great War intact, as no bombs were dropped directly on Charleston. In the immediate aftermath of the war, surviving members of the West Virginia state government formed the Charleston Emergency Government in the Capitol Building under the leadership of a Provisional Council headed by Speaker of the House Abigale Poole while they waited for instruction from Washington, D.C.. No word from the Federal government ever came. By 2082, the Charleston Emergency Government had formed an alliance with the Responders and attempted to establish peaceful relations with the Brotherhood of Steel, Free States, and even the raiders. A flood caused by the destruction of Summersville Dam occurred on Christmas Day in 2082, devastating Charleston and presumably wiping out the members of the Charleston Emergency Government.


Charleston Capitol Building is the easternmost location in the ruins of the city of Charleston, the former capital of West Virginia. Mud and debris carried by the floodwaters unleashed by the broken Summersville Dam have buried the central plaza and blocked the building's front entrance. A large bell in the plaza has been marked with the Responders' emblem. There is a weapons workbench in a flooded generator room in the basement. The Charleston Capitol DMV and courthouse can be accessed from separate doors above ground, and the two buildings are also linked underground.



特別通知 can be found hanging in several places in the buildings, but cannot be taken; one is in the rotunda hanging on a pillar.


The Charleston Capitol Building appears only in Fallout 76.




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