Charleston Fire Department is a location in the city of Charleston in Appalachia in 2102. It is part of the southern half of the city.


The Charleston Fire Department was the heart of the recovery efforts at Charleston in the wake of the Great War. The hardy firefighters became the backbone of the Responders over the years and when the scorched menace appeared, they became the nucleus of the Fire Breathers, the most elite fighters of the Responders. Organized by Melody Larkin and station lieutenant Hank Madigan, the Breathers were to take the fight to the scorched.


The Charleston Fire Department is a two-story L-shaped building located on the edge of the Ash Heap region. Signage indicates that it is a Responders trading post and it is staffed by red protectrons sporting the Charleston F.D. logo. An Overseer's cache sits in front of the reception desk at the main entrance.

Behind the reception area is a classroom where the Fire Breathers Knowledge Exam and registration is conducted. There are several notes throughout the building which can help prospective recruits ace their exam. A corridor near reception leads to the garage which contains several firetrucks and a workshop area with an armor workbench and weapons workbench. There are some weapons and an ammo box behind a locked security gate (Picklock 1) which is also controlled by a terminal (Hacker 1).

Vendor bot Mack and the main trading post is located on the second floor. There is also an office here which contains a knowledge exam cheat sheet with all the answers to the Knowledge Exam as well as the Fire Breathers master terminal. There is also a locked floor safe in this office (Picklock 1).

The rooftop can be accessed via a set of stairs on the second floor. It contains a makeshift lookout which has a clear view of the road to the south.


Holotapes and notes
  • 反輻屍人戰術 - 在教室的長金屬桌上。
  • 你與窒息! - 同上,課桌上。
  • 《查爾斯頓先鋒報》:人類機器大對決 - 二樓有著專家難度終端機的辦公室桌上。
  • 知識測驗小抄 - 同上,終端機旁。
  • 焰息隊急救指南 - 在消防車停放區域一個開放式櫃子裡。
  • 麥迪根偵查報告:葛拉罕 - 同上述小抄位置。
  • 礦坑信號快速參考 - 在一樓健身房內開放式櫃子裡。
  • 沒時間 - 只在最後啟程任務期間出現,二樓的小販機器人馬克面前控制台上。
  • 監管人日誌:消防站 -在大廳的監管人儲藏箱
Other loot
  • 焰息隊設計圖代碼:步槍 - 在Fire Breathers master terminal輸入從大彎山隧道取得的荷斯坦的代碼. Unlocks rifle schematics.
  • 焰息隊設計圖代碼:霰彈槍 - 同上,科米斯基的代碼. Unlocks shotgun schematics.
  • 焰息隊設計圖代碼:支援 - 同上,阿勒曼的代碼. Unlocks support schematics.
  • Plan: Vault 76 jumpsuit - Located on a shelf on the second floor.
  • Random armor plan - Behind the security gate on the first floor, on a metal shelf on the first inner row.
  • Random armor mod - Next to the ammo box in the terminal locked cage area.
  • Stealth Boy - On the roof at the northwest wooden lookout tower, to the right of a wooden crate.
  • Approximately 80 pieces of lead can be acquired from the weight room, once the various weights and barbells are scrapped.


Charleston Fire Department appears only in Fallout 76.


  • 不像遊戲中的消防局為一個總局,現實的查爾斯頓有八間分局散落在鎮上。
  • 雖然遊戲中為總局,但其標誌和門口單位看板參考的是其分局北查爾斯頓(SC)消防局。[1]