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Charleston was the capitol of West Virginia and one of the largest cities in the area. Prior to the Great War, it was a hotbed of political dissent and saw countless protests for workers' rights.

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Charleston was the pre-War capital city of West Virginia.


In post-War Appalachia in 2102, Charleston sits on the boundary between The Forest and Ash Heap. On Christmas Day of 2082, in an event called "聖誕節洪水," the Summersville Dam just east of the city was destroyed after a mini nuke was detonated on it by the Cutthroats and the waters of Summersville Lake were unleashed. The flooding left Charleston devastated, its streets choked by mud and debris, and some buildings were even dislodged from their foundations. Super mutants and the Scorched roam the ruins, along with the occasional Snallygaster or Grafton monster.

Prior to the Great War, Charleston was a hotbed of political dissent and saw countless protests for workers' rights.


As the capital city of the state of West Virginia, it is home to the Charleston Capitol Building. Other notable facilities and structures include Wade Airport, the Charleston Fire Department, Charleston trainyard, AVR Medical Center and the Hornwright Industrial headquarters.


  • 房子 - 在查爾斯頓先鋒報大樓連著過去的那棟,走過去之後從地板的洞跳到下一層,就在化妝台上。
  • 景色 - 上述大樓區的公寓內跳下去一層的房間,沙發旁桌上。
  • 諮商師 - 在連結查爾斯頓先鋒報的數過去第二棟建築,卡諾瓦精神科櫃台。
  • 空投點 - 同上,在最上層的桌子上。
  • 醫生 - 同上,所處的桌子有台電話,後面牆上有箭頭標誌。
  • 保險櫃 - 在焰息隊訓練課程的路上,接近首府大廈,紅磚屋廢墟的無門保險箱內。
  • 主人 - 在宏恩萊特工業總部東南方一個木屋裡,周邊是乾枯的河流地形。
  • 終點 - 在鎮上中央的初友教堂內,棺材裡。
  • 咖啡 - AVR醫學中心東邊的思樂肯咖啡內,收銀機旁。
  • 刺青工作室 - 上述保險櫃區域北邊,毀壞的建築兩個草坪躺椅之間的桌上。
  • 垃圾郵件 - 新進人員藍制服任務期間於首府大樓廢墟附近的郵箱取得。


The destroyed church contains a newspaper that can be read, but it can't be collected by the player character. The news paper article is the Charleston Herald - Bell article.


Charleston appears only in Fallout 76.


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