I'm not convinced that the nightstalker mutation is a natural one, and I need someone to investigate their lair for proof.Henry



Full of stunning stalactites and other ancient rock formations, Charleston cave has remained closed for hundreds of years since its discovery in the early 1960s, and subsequent geological instability. Once the home to a hold-out during the Great War, night stalkers now roam these empty chambers.[1]


此洞內至少盤踞著十個以上的夜梟, making a trip through the cavern a perilous game of hide and seek.

The cave itself is a series of winding rock tunnels with several spacious caverns scattered throughout the stone labyrinth. The dark cave is dimly lit by many clusters of green, bio-luminescent non-harvestable mushrooms.

South from the entrance is a chamber with 2 mattress beds and a campfire.

From the campfire chamber, a large chamber with several night stalkers is to the west. A balcony that overlooks the chamber (from whence the largest group of night stalkers can often be sniped) can be accessed by keeping west instead of veering off south and looping down to the large chamber.

Looping around east then south is a small flooded area where a bunker built before the war can be found (see below). The door to the bunker is locked, with a Lockpick skill of 75 required to open it. There is a large amount of loot in the bunker room.

門口處有一塊掏空的岩石with graffiti of a heart on it.


  • 一把特殊的超級動力錘,「哦,寶貝!」位置在洞穴西南方向一具夜行者屍體的旁邊。如果你不接受雅各布斯鎮的「猜我今天見到了誰」任務,此錘和夜行者屍體就不會出現。
  • 在洞穴里地圖中段的一扇需要高級開鎖技能的門(靠近有被污染水源房間的背面通道)及接近洞穴底層房間門口的箱子里藏有戰前全息聲音記錄磁帶



  • The cave contains at least nine "cloaked" night stalkers. Their invisibility is a result of the chewed Stealth Boy found on the nightkin's dead body, and is a required item for the quest Guess Who I Saw Today.
  • 你靠近洞穴附近有時能聽到夜行者咆哮和怒吼的聲音。
  • 通向在被鎖住的房間的斜坡前面的水塘里藏著一個捕熊夾
  • There are what appears to be remains of a small camp in the first circular area of the cavern (with the large stone pillar in the middle). There are two mattresses that one can sleep on, a Campfire, and a locked ammunition box.




Has platform::PCIcon pc.png貌似怪的頭會卡在牆上,沒法一槍爆頭。If you do not have a weapon powerful enough to kill one in one shot (regardless of body part), it will become unstuck upon changing to attack mode.[已核实]