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No, opposite of that. It's where my tribe was taken. Where another history was put to the blade, lesson taught. It is where we realized Vulpes did not approach us as equals. Where we realized the wolf had come, and we watched our history die. Now it belongs to Legion... and all the death there now belongs to them as well. Not revenge... just the way of things when you own them.Ulysses








  • 第87部落裝甲 - 蓋烏斯·馬格努斯身上。
  • 紅色勝利榴彈槍 - 在一個被燒毀的帳篷框架下方的槍箱內,帳篷位於破碎電塔旁的懸崖上,俯瞰營地的西側。還有一些容器在同一個帳篷下內有大量醫療用品和彈藥。
  • "失蹤"的貨運 - 與紅色勝利榴彈槍同個槍箱。
  • 高級裝甲 (戰鬥裝甲加強版二型, T-45d或T-51b動力裝甲)在東邊的壁架上。To get there, look for a concrete slab leaning on a ledge; climb up to find the metal box and various other ammo boxes and first aid kits.
  • Three high-tech gun cases - one is in the first destroyed house encountered on the left (west) side of the road after entering the camp, surrounded by four ammo boxes containing several hundred rounds of leveled ammunition each; two are in the rubble of a destroyed building near the northwest corner of the camp, next to a military shipping crate containing random ammunition (including potential mini nukes), weapon mods, and weapon repair kits, as well as four additional high-level ammo boxes.


  • 捲髮部落的髮型被白腿部落採用以崇拜尤西里斯
  • Unlike nearly every other location introduced through add-ons, companions can travel to Dry Wells and the Long 15 due to Dry Wells being inside the Mojave, rather than an entirely new area (i.e., Big MT, Zion National Park, etc.)
  • 一些軍團斥侯可能會使用隱身小子。
  • Due to the high level of radiation, irradiated Legionaries regenerate health very quickly.
  • Just south of the boat the Courier arrives in are a couple of crates behind an overturned boat which spawn random loot.
  • 殺死任何被輻射影響的軍團士兵都會降低軍團聲望。這將導致兩難(獲得87部落甲和維持軍團聲望)。
  • 接近爆炸坑的邊緣將產生高達35拉德/秒的輻射水平,而不是15號公路的最大20拉德/秒。跳入彈坑口中任何一個位置都會導致這個輻射率大幅增加。此外,當玩家角色抵達枯井中彈坑口的正中心將達到250弧度/秒的最大值,沒有任何保護情況下四秒就能奪你命。
  • A black outline of a person who was vaporized by the blast can be found on the building facing the crater.
  • 試圖向上游游泳會顯示出「你不能在這個方向上進一步游泳」的信息,玩家會碰到一堵無形的牆。
  • 如果尤西里斯還活著,在完成孤獨之路主線後,在枯井與他會面將帶來新的對話選項。