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Out here, nobody bothers me. I can do whatever I like to whoever I want.




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主页面: Dukov
Dukov is a Russian man who lives with the scantily-clad Cherry and Fantasia in this river-side estate. The women provide sexual favors in exchange for safety, drugs, and alcohol. Dukov readily offers your character drinks (no HP effect). This dialogue may refer to an unlocked cabinet full of liquor on the upper story of the house, which can be taken freely. Both women warn that Dukov will attack you if you have a drawn weapon in front of him, and that he is a very good gunman, though fighting him reveals these warnings to be exaggerated.


  • 《拳擊畫報》和量子型核子可樂在樓上卧室的柜子里。
  • BB槍在樓上的扶手上,就在卧室旁邊。
  • 南邊一處土匪營地有一本臥倒與掩護,詳情請見該項目。
  • 15捆戰前貨幣,在樓下的檯球桌上
  • An Assault Rifle on a table in the middle of the ground floor, near the bed.
  • 雙管散彈槍,進屋後左轉有一道上鎖的門,就在門後面的柜子上。


  • After downloading Broken Steel the Enclave may show up at the location of the outpost behind Dukov's Place before completing Waters of Life. Fortunately, only a lone Enclave Soldier is to be found, and will likely engage the nearby Radroaches if they get too close to one another. (Confirmed on 360 and PS3)
  • Sometimes when entering Dukov's Place, a Mirelurk or Deathclaw will find its way inside, causing the girls and sometimes Dukov to flee/die. It is recommend to save before entering. (Confirmed on 360 and PS3)
  • If Dukov dies, Cherry and Fantasia don't always acknowledge his death, they still talk as if he is there, odd seeing as how they say that he protects them. But if they do then Cherry will always 'be fleeing' and you can't take her to Rivet City.
  • Sometimes if you ask one of the girls to get Dukov's Special Key for you, they may never give you the key and talk to you with no dialogue options relating to the key. Also no key seems to be in anyone's inventory, causing the collection of the T-51b Power Armor to become impossible. So save before talking to any of them. (Confirmed PS3)

註釋 编辑

  • 杜可夫的家附近有個英克雷前哨站,所以玩家快速旅行至此時要注意此處的英克雷士兵和死亡爪,而且玩家的夥伴也有可能引起敵人的注意。
  • 一樓面對著床的牆上掛著雙頭牛的頭,牛頭上戴著眼鏡,玩家可以拾取。

幕後 编辑

  • 杜可夫的家可能是與《杜克之家》有關,杜克之家是歌手艾靈頓公爵在60年代寫的一首爵士樂,該歌被大量的用於遊戲內襯托出遊戲的爵士氣氛。而杜可夫的言行服裝更進一步詮釋了歌詞的含義(雖然有些小小的扭曲歌詞的本意)
  • 杜可夫的家貌似是以前蘇聯大使館為原型的,因為它們倆的地理位置一模一樣。



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