The Reeb Marina is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


2077年11月2号,尤金马尔康兄弟二人从核弹落下后的一片混乱之中逃到了这里,[1]接下来要做的就是修好这里的船然后逃离这里的战乱与辐射。20天以后,两人在逃离路线上产生了分歧,尤金想要去南方,而马尔康要去北方。[2]12月12日,尤金和马尔康决心杀死對方,他們研究了码头里巧手先生的安全准则,打算在俩人过生日那天借机器人之手杀人。12月17日,they were killed by the Mister Handys on site after both of them manipulated the security protocols.[3][4]


Although the Mr. Handy mistakes the Sole Survivor as Eugene and leads them to the "trap" his brother Malcolm prepared, the skeleton as well as the date shown on the terminal suggest that Malcolm was actually killed by Eugene first. Companions will also comment on this event.


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  • 特斯拉科學第9期 - 廚房桌上。
  • 生日快樂甜麵包 - 同上。
  • 休息室筆記#1/2 - 兩份都在廚房檯子上。
  • 浴室筆記#1/2 - 兩份都在浴室的洗手槽上。

Related quests


The marina is inhabited by a number of bloodbug, but it's the three Mister Handies which must be destroyed to mark the location as "cleared.”


The Reeb Marina appears only in Fallout 4.


Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png Sometimes, Mr. Handy robots do not attack the Sole Survivor once they reach the kitchen.[已验证]

  • May be caused by nearby raiders or other enemies killing one or more of the robots before the player arrives/begins the quest.



  1. Eugene's terminal - entry dated 11/2/2077: 1st day in the marina. Ten days since the bombs fell, and the world has gone mad.
  2. Eugene's terminal - entry dated 11/22/2077: 20th day at the Reeb. If that blasted fool thinks he can tell me what's what, he's got another thing coming. He needs me, and that means what I say goes: We are escaping SOUTH.
  3. Eugene's terminal - entry dated 12/12/2077: He's slurped his coffee for the last time, he must die. Its the only logical choice, and really he has no one to blame but himself. All I need are the parts from his boat, and I can escape this irradiated hell. I've been looking into the robot safety protocols, and I think I'll have a little birthday surprise for him.
  4. Malcolm's terminal - entry dated 12/17/2077: Day 45. Well, it's our birthday tomorrow. Eugene wants to bury the hatchet, and I just might bury it in his back. I know a little trick with the robot security protocols. It'll make a nice birthday gift for that bastard... he'll never see it coming.

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