The unfinished mansion is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia in 2102.


Located in Bramwell, on the southern edge of Appalachia, this Mega Mansion was under construction, the third of its kind after the Garrahan Estate and the Hornwright Estate. It was never finished because due to the automation riots in October 2077, when ex-miners used stolen mining explosives to topple the Mega Mansion to the ground, in sign of defiance against the ultra-rich destroying their lives.[1]


Other than three off-road vehicles found around the building, there are no other notable features of this location. There are few items and no enemies to be found here.


The unfinished mansion appears only in Fallout 76.



  1. Garrahan Mining Headquarters terminals: "We're at Code Red Status today. Some of the ex-miners got bold, stole some blasting explosives and took down one of the Mega Mansions at Bramwell. There are at least two people dead and several wounded. We've got fully armed guards at the front of the headquarters and I heard that the military may be on its way. We have full authorization to shoot any of these rioters on sight. This is getting really bad, really fast. These miners have lost their minds. Between what's going on around here and what's going on in Alaska, I'd say the whole world's going straight to hell."
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