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Primm Slim is a protectron in Primm in 2281.


Primm Slim是一个保卫机器人,一名历史学家以及一位维基&万斯赌场的看管。它还是邮差关于维基万斯,普瑞姆,野牛史提夫旅館以及这家赌场信息的主要来源。



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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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  • My Kind of Town: After Deputy Beagle is rescued from the escaped convicts, Primm Slim can be reprogrammed through a dialogue option (Science 30) or with the application of 3 fission batteries and 4 conductors to become the new Sheriff of Primm. If he becomes sheriff, Beagle will resign, stating that Slim is guided too much by cold logic and the letter of the law.
  • A Pair of Dead Desperados, I: Activate the gun case at the Vikki and Vance Casino. A message will pop up, saying that it is empty. Talk to Primm Slim and convince him that the contents of the case are missing. Volunteer to find the contents and return it. Retrieving the gun yields no rewards unless one decides to keep Vance's 9mm submachine gun for themselves which similarly holds no penalties from Primm Slim.


咿哈!我好多年没讲他们的传奇故事了!首先,如果你听说维基和万斯的故事是抄来的,那绝对是恶意诽谤!他们的犯罪狂欢比克莱德和邦尼抢的第一家银行还要早两天,所以,到底是谁抄谁! 回归正题,维基和万斯并不像克莱德和邦尼那样在美国中部抢银行,杀人;他们会进行一些其他的犯罪活动,比如在商店里偷偷货物,加完油不给钱,开几张空头支票,但是犯罪就是犯罪!他们开车也很不要命,他们以枪谋生,枪口之下才是二人组的最终归宿。也许是命运把他们带到了警方和银行抢匪的战场上,也许只是他们发现的实在是太晚了。有传言说维基本来打算去银行兑换空头支票,但这已经无从证实。我们只知道双方的子弹把小轿车和里面的两人打成了渣,警方之后还正式表达了歉意。你可以在那边看到那辆死亡轿车,它旁边的展台上还能看到万斯的机枪。


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Cowboy hat - - Energy cell
Scrap metal


  • Primm Slim 的血量是和玩家的等级挂钩的,具体计算方式是玩家等级乘以50(满级血量3750),这使得它后期可能是最耐打的角色之一。
    • Despite being durable, Slim lacks an attack mode, which leaves him unable to retaliate. However, attacking him will cause the rest of the Primm citizens to become hostile.
  • 如果他被选作了警长,就有可能出現在新维加斯电台,但由于数据遗失,他不知道自己保卫的镇子叫什么。
  • Once made sheriff, he will make one patrol around Primm and then stand near the Bison Steve Hotel for the rest of the game, to the right of the building, underneath the coaster tracks by a garbage bin.
    • 虽然很耐打,但是他不会打人,如果你没把过山车道上的匪徒清理掉,他可能会被慢慢磨死。
    • He may also be found wandering the Mojave Wasteland, though this is rare.
  • 邮差没办法把万斯的九毫米冲锋枪万斯的幸运帽子维基的幸运帽还给博物馆
    • After taking 万斯的九毫米冲锋枪, he will say "Always good to see you, pardner! Anything I can help you with?", but he won't initiate conversation. If this occurs before a sheriff is chosen by the player, it may remove Primm Slim as a candidate.
  • Primm Slim 是游戏里唯二会掉装备的机器人,还有一个是大山脉里的机器医生MD PHD DDS,会掉一个二价振荡器
    • Looting Primm Slim's hat from his corpse does not remove it from his model.
  • Primm Slim永远不会进警长的办公室
  • Even when patrolling outside, Primm Slim will still greet the Courier as if he was still in the casino.


  • "加载公共安抚演讲内容...完成。你们好,市民们!咦嗬!为了法律与秩序回到...错误..指令丢失。"
  • "你疯了吗,伙计?我从我站着的地方通过三个图片传感器看到了这把枪!"
  • "滋滋滋...法律执行协议恢复,伙计。初始化武力使用授权...授权完成!咦嗬!"


Primm Slim appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Kristen Altamirano created Primm Slim's unique model variant and Akil Hooper wrote Slim's dialogue.[1]


Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes Primm Slim can be found dead outside the NCR base opposite Primm. [已核实]


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