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Boppo died like a bitch. He didn't have half a bad idea, setting up here. We had a good thing going, picking off caravans and traders on their way into Megaton. He was stupid to try and raid the town. Dumbass deserved the bullet Simms put in his head.

—Unnamed Springvale raider leader



In the 21st century, this school educated the young children of the rural communities of Virginia. The students were educated in many topics such as grammar and music. They were also taught in basic computer skills. When not being educated, the students played baseball or a variety of activities in the playground.

Springvale Elementary is administered by the school board. The board is a strong proponent of community-based programs, and promotes family reading nights. This school board meets at least once a year. Activities at the school are announced a month in advance.

In the Great War, the school is severely damaged by the bombs. The three upper floors are blasted away, and the side of the school facing the Potomac is torn open. Students and teachers seeking shelter in the school are killed instantly. For two centuries, the school stands abandoned.

In 2277, an enterprising gang of Raiders establishes a base camp at the school. They graffiti the school in their 'colors'. From their camp, the Raiders raided caravans, captured Wastelanders, and even attempted a raid into Megaton. Desiring of greater things, the Raiders begin an ambitious engineering project.


Faced with a threat they couldn't defeat, the Raiders abandon the tunnel, lock the door to the tunnel, and place sentries in the school's basement. The other Raiders retreat to the two surviving floors. Some raiders take up positions in the exposed interior of the school scanning for intruders. This is the situation that the Lone Wanderer finds when he/she visits the school.


The school faces west. A parking lot and children's playground are in front of the school, while a baseball field is behind the school. A large sign south-west of the school identifies the building. When built, the school was a five-story structure with a basement.


Top floor编辑

This is the uppermost floor of the school accessible. The floor can be entered from the outside by a door in a northern wall reached by a staircase, and stairways from the ground floor within the school. This floor has a library with a storage room, a corridor converted by the Raider leader into his/her sleeping quarters, and a balcony overlooking the foyer. The door to the Raider leader's quarters from the library is locked, and can only be opened by either lockpicking the door or using the Springvale Library Key which can be obtained by killing a specific Raider.

Ground floor编辑

This is the ground floor of the school. This floor is entered from the outside by the main entrance, and by stairways from the upper floor and the basement. These were the rooms on this floor: a foyer, a kitchen, two classrooms, a gentlemen's restroom, a ladies restroom, and a storage room. In the exposed interior of the school, there is a classroom and a break room.


This is the basement of the school. This floor is entered from the outside by a door in the exposed interior of the school, and stairways from the ground floor. There are two rooms, one of them a store room, within the covered interior of the school. In the exposed interior of the school, there is a locker room and a restroom.



In the tunnel, there is a fork. The path to the left leads to a chamber populated by ants, and the path to the right leads to a dead end. This tunnel ends abruptly south of the school under the ruins of Springvale. (However, the compass reading is misleading due to a computer glitch (see Spatial Orientation Issues).)


The school is inhabited by at least 10 Raiders and their leader. The leader has a Raider Guard Dog. In a chamber under the school, there is a hive of giant ants. Two of their victims, both Wastelanders, lie where they fell.




  • 量子可樂:在門廳里的籠子上,就是進大門的那個門廳。
  • 蹲下與隱藏:在土匪首領的電腦旁邊。
  • Ammunition Boxes (3) - In the corridor with Raider's terminal.


  • 樂譜:在一樓一個東南面的一個牆上貼有ABCDEFG的教室的教師桌上。


  • R91突擊步槍:在地道裡面,兩個廢土遊民的屍體附近。
  • 中國軍隊訓練手冊:在步槍附近,可能會被屍體擋住。
  • 蟻力神:當然是在蟻穴里啦。

There are quite a few custom weapon components scattered on the premises, as well as some minor loot.

Ruined Building编辑

Walk behind the school and head in a northeast direction. You will come across a derelict building on the water. If you have done the The Waters of Life quest then there will be an Enclave base set up of with at least two soldiers and an officer.

They seem to have been doing research as their terminal reports mainly on Mirelurks and Radroaches. If you go to the building in the center there is a crater which seems to glow and gives off at least 3 rads per second, there is nothing notable here apart from two Rad Away and around 5 bowls of noodles.


  • There is no obvious way to complete the tunnel. Explosives have no effect on the cave-in at the end of the map (accessible via using a barrel to get up on the ledge).
  • 你不可能在不用控制台的情況下進入蟻穴,因為裡面是死路。
  • The Springvale Raiders' story can be found in a terminal in one of the hallways of the school library.
  • 學校外面的土匪是會重生的。
  • If you have downloaded Point Lookout and accept the quest "The Dark Heart of Blackhall" and help out Marcella to destroy the book at the Dunwich building, sometimes there will be a second objective marker telling you that you have to head to the Springvale school.
  • 一幅海報,上面畫了兩隻烏龜教你怎樣在核爆時躲避, you should duck and cover your head, using a cartoon turtle to illustrate the point。是反應冷戰時期美國著名主觀宣傳電影《臥倒並掩護》。要找到它,你只要從大門外往左走,走到斷牆口,轉身,往坡下走,在坡底時往右轉,你就看到它了。This same "turtle and bomb" poster can be found in Hannibal Hamlin's "house" on the second floor at the Temple of the Union, and in the burnt out Early Dawn Academy that you pass through on your way to Galaxy News Radio.
  • 那些土匪看來一個個都是路痴,101在西南面,而他們則往東面挖。


  • This game is plagued with spatial orientation issues. For instance, on the school's exterior, the main entrance faces west. Yet, when in the building, the main entrance faces south. This is best documented on page 320 of the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide.
  • 在XBOX 360上,學校大門前的那一塊地是有錯誤的,玩家可以看透地板。
  • On PS3 if you move any of the barrels (or possibly anything) in the foyer they will disappear from sight, but if you jump on and/or move them they re-appear (only to disappear once again).




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