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They'd be marginally more effective. We lost most of the chapter defending glorified artillery.Veronica

Operation: Sunburst[Non-game 1] was a decisive strike on the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel by the New California Republic over the control of the pre-War, Poseidon Energy solar plant HELIOS One during the Brotherhood War in 2276.[2]


The occupation of HELIOS One was a decision made by Elder Elijah, who intended to unlock the secrets of the power plant.[5] The Mojave chapter operated freely within the Vegas wastes for several years, carrying out many reclamation missions without serious opposition.[Non-game 1] In 2274, a large contingent of NCR troops entered the region and occupied Hoover Dam, coming into conflict with the chapter.[2][Non-game 2] Elder Elijah concentrated on bringing HELIOS into operation while the Brotherhood contingent engaged in skirmishes with the NCR for nearly two years.[5][Non-game 1]


The Brotherhood knew that solar plant was not defensible and that the NCR was moving in, but Elder Elijah's decided to remain, dooming the chapter.[6][7] The NCR began "Operation: Sunburst," the offensive to drive the Brotherhood out and take control of the facility.[Non-game 1][8] Troopers attacked the Brotherhood in waves, concentrating a force that outnumbered the defenses by a factor of between 15[9] and 20 to 1,[3] Then-Senior Paladin Hardin recommended fighting a retreating action, but Elder Elijah ordered the troops to dig in and protect the facility, reporting to Hardin that he almost "had it working" but never clarified beyond.[6][10] With a limited fighting force, the Brotherhood's defenses fell, the perimeter was overrun, Elder Elijah disappeared.[6][7]


The Brotherhood was routed, losing significant numbers including over a half of its knights and paladins.[4] McNamara assumed command and led survivors in a retreat eastward towards Hidden Valley. Instead of pursuing, NCR forces regrouped and secured the power plant. When they finally set out to locate and destroy remaining Brotherhood forces, they were nowhere to be found.[11][3]

Once the Brotherhood survivors reached Hidden Valley, a strict lockdown was enacted.[12][7] Activity outside the bunker was drastically restricted, allowing only supply runs, occasional reconnaissance missions, and night patrols were allowed to leave the underground installation and even then, only at night.[Non-game 1] The lockdown persisted into 2281 in response to the NCR increasing its presence in the Mojave fivefold, while the Brotherhood subsequently failed to recover its own strength.[13][Non-game 1]

For abandoning his chapter during Operation: Sunburst and going rogue, Elder Elijah was marked for execution by the Circle of Steel.[14]


Operation: Sunburst is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas, its name listed in the game guide.[Non-game 1]


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