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Far to the south, near the Great Glow. The times were hard, but we managed to survive. We realized then that the Great War must never happen again.Nicole

Dayglow, originally known as San Diego in the Wasteland before 2162, is located on the remains of San Diego, near the site of the Glow. It is both a city and one of five New California Republic states.


The town is north and west of the Glow, which can be seen from its borders. Before 2161, the town was populated by individuals that founded the Followers of the Apocalypse,[Non-game 1] including Nicole, the founder of the Followers and her parents. Butch Harris also lived here for a time before moving to the Boneyard, and later the Hub.[1] Dayglow was abandoned due to widespread sickness that was impossible to cure at the time.[2]

After 2162, a number of ghouls settled in the abandoned area from the destroyed Necropolis. Once the ghouls learned of West Tek, they set up a scavenging company excavating the facility and formed partnerships with scavenging companies from New Adytum and the Hub. At least one super mutant, a refugee from the Cathedral, was also rumored to be working with the ghouls and humans in Dayglow.[Non-game 2]

Rising to prominence over the next thirty years, Dayglow became one of the five founding states of the New California Republic in 2189 alongside the states of Shady, Los Angeles, the Hub, and Maxson.[3][Non-game 2] The Dayglow Incorporation Address by NCR President Tandi is represented on the NCR $100 bill.

In 2281 NCR Rangers passed through Dayglow on their way from Baja to the Mojave.[4]



Ricky supposedly grew up near the city, apparently giving him a "third nut."[5]


Dayglow does not appear in any of the Fallout games, but is mentioned in Fallout (only as "near the Glow"), Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes



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  1. The Vault Dweller: "{101}{}{Tell me about yourself.}"
    Butch Harris: "{176}{BUTCH24}{Well, I've run the Far Go Traders for about five years. Before that, I was in Adytum. Before that, near the Glow.}"
    (Butch Harris' dialogue)
  2. The Vault Dweller: "{216}{}{It's still that radioactive? After 80 years?}"
    Nicole: "{217}{Nic_37}{We lived on the outskirts of the Great Glow. Sickness had started spreading, so we gathered all the people and we made our way north. [Sigh] That's when my parents were killed.}"
    (Nicole's dialogue)
  3. NCR history holodisk: " Founded eighty years ago, the NCR is now comprised of the states of Shady, Los Angeles, Maxson, Hub, and Dayglow. Approximately 700,000 citizens are pleased to call NCR home."
  4. The Courier: "How is NCR doing?"
    Hanlon: "Mojave Outpost sent word through the stations. The rangers coming up from Baja moved through Dayglow a week ago. Some of the patrol rangers have reported that Oliver's power armor heavy troopers are starting to reinforce the front lines. Wish they got here a bit earlier, but that's the senate for you."
    (Hanlon's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "Do you have any other special skills or abilities?"
    Ricky: "Well, I grew up near Dayglow out west, so yeah, I grew a third nut that glows in the dark! I'll drop trou for you out on the trail after dark, sis. Let you see what you're working with, know what I mean?"
    (Ricky's dialogue)


  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p. 84: "The Followers of the Apocalypse: A small group of peace-lovers from San Diego. They are enemies of the Children of the Cathedral, and may provide help and information to the player."
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    "Junktown became part of NCR as part of the state of Shady, and it was one of the first provisional states, considering it was one of the first (and most trustworthy) of the Shady Sands trading partners during its early formation. Its alliance with Shady Sands did cause some alarm from the caravans in the Hub, but it didn't hurt the Hub communities any... and the Hub eventually became part of NCR as well."
    "As for the Glow (or the state of Dayglow), most of the state is actually north and west of the glow, but they are still able to see the Glow from their borders. A number of ghouls are rumored to live there now, as part of the Great Migration from Necropolis - once the ghouls learned of West Tek, they were eager to see if they could scavenge technology from the abandoned center. Some ghouls formed partnerships with scavenging companies from New Adytum and the Hub and have built quite a profitable corporation from their salvage efforts. At least one super mutant, a refugee from the Cathedral, was also rumored to be working with the ghouls and humans in Dayglow."