"Serenity / Dream Town"
Everything you see is funded by the Followers of the Apocalypse. We rely a lot on charity to provide low-cost medical services to the less fortunate.

Doctor Usanagi

The New Vegas medical clinic is a Followers of the Apocalypse medical facility outside of New Vegas宇佐木醫生掌管這家診所,位置在赤紅商隊公司東面,大鼴鼠農場西南。



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  • The background music is "Dream Town", which had been originally used for Modoc.
  • 如果和末日追隨者關係很融洽的話,醫生這裡會給你購物折扣,包括各種雜誌。She will also buy your items for a value higher than other vendors (such as the Gun Runners).
  • 除了一般的藥品補給和治療消幅,這裡提供強化人體的植入手術,普通的基本屬性強化4000塊,傷害減免8000塊,再生能力12000。
  • 耐力值決定可以植入的次數,最大是9次。Temporary boosts do not count, as only permanent points allow you to receive them.
  • 在診所里是撿不到醫療用品的,只能從醫生處購買。
  • 醫生的售賣物品48小時刷新。
  • Caps paid to Dr. Usanagi for implants do not add to the caps she has to buy items from the Courier.
  • There are a total of three clinic guards in the main room when you walk in the door and one more in the back near the surgery room.
  • Interestingly, the window to the right of the outside doors has a smiley face with an "X" below it. This was a sign used in Hobo code to indicate that "the doctor at this office will treat hobos free of charge", which is consistent with the humanitarian mission of the Followers.




  • Playstation 3 Xbox 360 If you have two companions with you and get the health regeneration implant, both of your companions will disappear upon leaving the clinic. [已核实]
  • Playstation 3 Xbox 360 PC有時候,醫生的對話選項里沒有療傷這一項,別的選項卻還在。[已核实]
  • Playstation 3 A bug occurs after asking for the charisma implant the entrance to the clinic becomes locked however the only way to exit is to have an average Lockpick skill. [已核实]