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Courier, Fallout: New Vegas

新維加斯賭城(又稱賭城大道), 官方名稱為新維加斯自由經濟區[1], 是莫哈維荒原的一處地點。

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Before the Great War started, Mr. House used his considerable genius and wealth to ensure that no missiles would strike the city of Las Vegas. Though a few warheads did get through in the outskirts, most of the city was spared. Despite this, the Strip itself was not re-settled until close to two hundred years after the war, at this point Mr. House began searching for the mysterious Platinum chip to rebuild the glory of Las Vegas. Sending out PDQ-88b Securitron scouts, Mr. House started negotiating with local tribes to exchange his considerable resource stockpiles for their help. Some of the tribes resisted, but three tribes eventually gained Mr. House's favor. They became the Omertas, the Chairmen, and the White Glove Society; these tribes began running the Gomorrah, Tops and Ultra-Luxe casinos respectively. (The rest were either evacuated into Freeside or killed promptly.) Because Mr. House was dedicated to restoring Las Vegas, he insisted on transforming the tribes into families with cultures that hearkened back to Vegas' glory days.

In the process of rebuilding the Strip, Mr. House also "bought out" the residents of Vault 21. After they evacuated, he had the Vault stripped of useful technology, most of its actual volume filled with concrete and the entrance turned into a gift shop and small hotel. While the families were rebuilding the casinos, the rest of the locals were hard at work erecting an enormous wall around the Strip. When NCR traders and explorers arrived on the scene, they were amazed at the Strip and returned back to California with tales of opulence and great wealth awaiting travelers.

Eventually, when the NCR military itself arrived they were surprised to find the Strip so well-protected and heavily policed. Though they struck a deal with Mr. House to establish a base in the area, along with control of Hoover Dam, the NCR has never had control of The Strip. After the Battle of Hoover Dam the NCR negotiated an MP (military police) presence on the Strip, but their influence remains small.

Though the tribes that became The Strip's families were once hatefully opposed to each other, the demands of Mr. House have forced the families to play nice. They continue to hold long-standing grudges, but do not act openly against each other for fear of angering Mr. House.

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賭城大道是新維加斯的心臟地帶。從賭城區北門進入時,罪惡城在右手邊,而幸運38在左手邊。繼續向前走通過大門則會走到第二塊區域包含上好佳賭場超美多賭場麥卡倫營地單軌列車站。走進第三道大門後,則是21號避難所NCR大使館Michael Angelo's workshop

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  • 保安機器人允許物品欄中擁有至少2000瓶蓋的「有信用」來訪者進入,但不會收取任何費用。
    • 憑藉80點科學能力值通過一次科學鑒定駭入保安機器人而進入。
    • 或者擊倒全部的保安機器人,注意這會導致賭城區裡面保安的敵對,並且會降低賭城區聲望。
  • 保安機器人也會允許那些擁有護照的,從自由城的拉爾夫處通過一次口才鑒定,支付500瓶蓋(如果再通過一次交易鑒定,則只需375瓶蓋)購買假護照進入,或者當NCR聲望足夠甚至可以免費拿到。
    • 另一種不用花錢也不用通過口才測試拿到假護照的方式是做完貓王的任務G.I. Blues後選擇進入賭城區許可作為回報。
  • NCR聲望在受喜愛以上或是穿著NCR制服通過麥卡倫營地的單軌列車進入拉斯維加斯林蔭大道車站,透過這個方式進入門口保安機器人將永遠不會再提到護照或信用金的事。

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  • Mr. House is the enigmatic overlord of the Strip. He controls his small empire from the confines of the Lucky 38 casino, where no other known living person has set foot for over two hundred years.
  • The securitron outside of the Strip guarding Freeside residents from coming in will re-spawn, but securitrons inside the Strip will not re-spawn except upon completion of The House Always Wins II where the securitrons are upgraded to the MKII variant.
  • In the opening scene, the Strip is shown without the gates separating each section. The cinematic was rendered earlier in development, before the gates had to be installed due to memory limitations.
  • A brahmin can sometimes be seen being chased by two MPs from one to the other gate near The Tops casino then disappearing on the other side.
  • The first time the Strip is entered, Dean Martin's song "Ain't that a Kick in the Head?" will play.
  • Victor will take control of another securitron and force a conversation with the Courier the first time they enter the Strip.
  • NCR soldiers are seen dancing with the hookers near the gate leading to the second part of the strip.
  • NCR soldiers can be seen walking drunk around the Strip; their dialogue is as normal as sober soldiers found at the Embassy.
  • Some of Cass's dialogue and the names of several NPCs and scripts in the G.E.C.K. refer to the Strip as "The Street."
  • Mailboxes can be found on the Strip containing temporary skill magazines.
  • On the rare single chance, drunk partiers can be seen partying in the fountain of the Ultra-Luxe and being force out by a MP unit and a securitron.
  • Supposedly, both Freeside and the Strip were originally going to be larger but had to be cut down due to memory problems.

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  • PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Sometimes, when advancing in "For the Republic, Part 2" or "Wild Card: Side Bets", the door to The Strip is locked.
    • One solution is to travel to The Strip by monorail from Camp McCarran (unless it is already destroyed).
    • Another solution is to kill a gate Securitron to get a key but you'll lose reputation (and all the gate Securitrons will attack you).
    • Another solution is paying your way again to the Securitron, you could also add the 2000 caps needs by using the console command player.additem 0000000f 2000.
    • You can use a console command to get the key: player.additem 00119875 1, or you can open the console, click the gate, and type "unlock" into the console.
    • Xbox 360 Reloading a previous auto-save seems to fix this problem.

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