新月峽谷是一條縱橫在的峽谷。峽谷溝壑的入口在一座倒塌的橋下面,西側入口於晨星洞穴南方不遠處,東側入口於莫哈維汽車戲院東南方。峽谷棲息著大量金蜥, 裡面充滿核輻射。


一條弧形如同一輪新月一樣縱深在廢土這片大地上的峽谷,它名為新月。 新月峽谷中間本來有一條架空的火車道,後來不知道因何原因而坍塌。 從西側進入峽谷中,可以遠遠見到三個火車的集裝箱架成一個倒V字形。 裡面到處都是半埋的核廢料桶,一輛翻倒的大貨車靜靜躺在一旁,裡面裝滿了核廢料桶 再往裡面走,兩輛疊在一起的報廢車輛形成一道古怪的風景。 如果你沿著峽谷上面走,可以見到半節紅色火車箱懸在火車道上,搖搖欲墜。

如果你是從新月峽谷西側入口進入的,可以在附近找到一個中空的石頭,裡面有些子彈。another on the east end of the canyon


  • 漫步走入,翻倒的貨車後面有件防輻射衣服箱,裡面有件advanced radiation suit
  • 再走過去,兩輛報廢汽車附近可以找到一個護甲箱,還有一個醫療箱。


Crescent Canyon west appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

註釋 编辑

  • On top of the canyon, right where the train bridge has collapsed, the inaccessible side is noticeably a great distance above the other side. It is unknown how trains could get up such a steep slope.
  • On the north side of the railroad, after the wagon, the road becomes a normal street/highway
  • 探索新月峽谷,一定要穿高防輻射的衣服


  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Icon pc Some players report the armor case being empty or it may only contain a combat helmet.[已核实]
  • Icon ps3 When proceeding through the canyon from the north entrance heading south, after passing the first pile of radiation barrels, there is a wrecked out bus. if you climb onto this bus, head toward the missing end, jump onto the boulder at the back of the bus, and walk south over the crest of the boulder; you will fall into part of the terrain and become trapped.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc Icon ps3 When standing near the entrance (Facing away from Morning Star Cavern), on the right-hand side of the canyon you should be able to take the rocks up and out of the map with very little amount of jumping involved. Once you get to the top, there seems to be no invisible wall stopping you from leaving the confines of the map. This trick also allows you to access various previously inaccessible areas of the map, including the Legate's camp.[已核实]
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Some players report the armor case being empty.[已核实]


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