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After NCR captured Hoover Dam, it took them a while to fully reinforce the river to the south. The first camp that was established was Camp Forlorn Hope; an improvised mess of tin shacks, salvaged rubble from Boulder City, tents, and lots of sandbags, it is the most pathetic-looking of all NCR』s camps, but the one that sees the most action. It only exists at all because of the natural spring there (in fact the camp is named for the spring). Recently, Caesar』s Legion captured NCR』s logistical/planning forces in the small, ruined town of Nelson, a disaster that has disrupted Forlorn』s attempts to patrol the western coast of the river.[1]






  • 兵营
  • 指挥中心
  • 监狱
  • 医疗中心
  • 食堂
  • 棚屋
  • 仓库


  • 约瑟夫·波拉特里少校
  • 斯通列兵
  • 亚历克斯·理查德斯医生
  • 梅伊斯军需官
  • 塞克斯顿列兵
  • 雷耶斯上士
  • 门罗中尉 (完成任務巨石城摊牌 幫忙NCR情況)
  • NCR士兵
  • NCR资深游骑兵
  • NCR重装兵
  • 第一偵察營 (完成任務Three-Card Bounty)
  • 海耶斯中尉 (完成任務I Fought the Law)


  • Big Book of Science在指揮中心右後方角落裡的一張桌子上(必須偷竊才能獲得)
  • 剛進食堂的時候就可以在你正前方的桌子上的一個空「夕陽」沙士瓶子旁邊找到一個「夕陽」沙士藍星瓶蓋



  • 如果主角站在營地中的兩個小墳墓中間,就可以聽到一個令人毛骨悚然的竊竊私語聲,跟苦泉鎮清泉鎮公墓情形一樣。
  • The ammo boxes found in the back of the tent that Quartermaster Mayes is in will always have either microfusion cells or energy cells instead of conventional ammunition. This ammunition can be taken without being counted as stealing.
  • If Raul is the Courier's companion when you visit the camp with him as a companion he may say; "Sheesh, these soldiers look how I feel, Boss!"
  • 敢死隊營地可能會定期被一隊來自納爾遜的軍團士兵攻擊,軍團士兵會穿過兩個營地之間的無人區.攻擊部隊會是一個三名軍團士兵的小部隊或者更大一次有多人的部隊,這個部隊的規模是由玩家觸發了任務「恢復的希望」之後經過的無人區的面積所決定的,敢死隊的士兵們通常可以擊退這些襲擊 (尤其當第一偵查營也在的時候),但有時候一些營地里有名字的成員也可能會在襲擊中意外死亡
  • 不像其他很多的NCR營地和居民點,敢死隊營地在世界地圖上不會顯示聲望標記(但你仍然可以通過完成這裡的任務增長你的的NCR陣營聲望)
  • A palette de-saturation effect has been applied to the entire camp, with colors being muted and more sepia-toned; most likely an aesthetic effect designed to reflect the overall morale.
  • 在「巨石城攤牌」任務完成以後,門羅中尉會立刻向營地出發走過來
  • 在敢死隊營地和納爾遜之間會有一小片區域散落著瀕死的NCR士兵,他們的身體附近被部下了地雷—— 這很可能是軍團士兵部下用來幹掉想要幫助這些傷兵而太靠近他們的主角或者其他NCR士兵的陷阱,不管主角是否動作飛快到能夠在這些地雷爆炸之前拆除它們避免這些地雷傷到自己和殺死傷員,他們都受了太重的傷,太虛弱以至於無法被救活了.試圖和他們交談的時候他們只會讓主角趕快給他們一個安樂死,很奇怪的是,如果主角高調地殺死任何一個瀕死的士兵都將會和其他受重傷的士兵和敢死隊營地里那些可以動的士兵變為敵對,(儘管瀕死的士兵仍然躺在地上但會被標為敵對單位.) 如果遊戲者不想降低在NCR陣營的聲望,那最好還是拿著消音武器悄悄地給這些士兵來個安樂死吧。在後來的更新裡這些重傷士兵已經被移去了,因為佔用了系統過多的記憶體(影響遊戲穩定)。
  • 如果主角完成了任務「我們是軍團」,軍團士兵們會評論說「一線生機」營地已經陷落,儘管軍團並沒有接管這個營地而且NCR士兵仍然在這裡刷新。
  • 如果主角幫助軍團拿下敢死隊營地(例如完成任務「我們是軍團」),達特瑞少校會評論說他已經耳聞敢死隊營地陷落,並且會保留第一偵察營在麥卡倫如果Driver Nephi沒有在Three-Card Bounty死掉的話。
  • 主角可以和梅伊斯軍需官打牌
  • 許多駐紮在這裡的士兵寫的散落在整個營地之中或是在他們屍體上,such as at the area where the Troopers on a supply run for HELIOS One have been ambushed and killed, or the mutilated soldiers in no-man's land.
  • 這個營地的NCR士兵們總是抱怨他們的裝備不如麥卡倫營地太陽神一號駐紮的部隊好,他們裝備著商隊霰彈槍而不是像其他NCR士兵一樣裝備著軍用步槍或是獵槍
  • 根據你在任務「恢復的希望」和「我們是軍團」中的不同行動,在胡佛大壩的NCR緊急廣播會報道敢死隊營地營地的情況.情況可能是營地被凱撒軍團攻擊或者摧毀,收到攻擊但是堅守住了他們的陣地,或者是向胡佛大壩請求支援
  • When the player is a higher level or passes a certain point in the main quest, NCR heavy troopers will replace the Military Police around the camp.
  • If the bloatflies at the graveyard are engaged and not killed fast enough, most of the soldiers in the camp will attack them, but some of the named characters such as Major Polatli, will flee the camp entirely and may be killed by other, more dangerous creatures.
  • Many quest NPCs serving with the NCR in the more isolated parts of the map will relocate to the camp once the Courier has completed their specific quest (such as Lieutenant Hayes).
  • If and when 1st Recon arrives at Forlorn Hope, 10 of Spades will be located in the mess hall, Lieutenant Gorobets and Corporal Sterling will be in the command tent, and Betsy and Bitter-Root will be in the barracks.




  • 一支敢死隊是一隊被選拔在軍事任務進行關鍵任務的士兵,像是向一個被敵方牢牢把守的地點突擊或者駐守一個危險的位置,這些行動很有可能會造成人員傷亡,名字(Forlorn Hope)來自於荷蘭語verloren hoop, 意為失去希望(lost hope)",並被延伸為失落的部隊(lost troop)
  • The Forlorn Hope Camp was derived from a real life location just below the western summit of the Sierra Mountains, about 100 miles East of San Francisco. On the 15th of December 1846, that 14 members of the Donner Party(an emigrant party that had trekked across America to find a new life in California) set out to find help and relief for thier fellow 64 emigrants who were snowed in on the Eastern face of the mountains with little food. After two weeks with no idea of which direction led to civilization, that the first members of the party died. On December 28th 1846, the surviving men women and children decided the only way to ensure survival was to eat their dead comrades. After a month of being confined to the 24 feet of snow atop The Sierra Mountains, the eventual 7 survivors of the 'Forlorn Hope' party were discovered by local Indians, who took them to local Americans for safety. The remaining members of the Donner Party on the other side of the Sierra Mountains would eventually be discovered by 3 following rescue attempts, but only after resorting to cannabalism themselves. 44 of the 97 members of the Donner Party would be rescued by April of 1847, after 6 months of no real food. And nearly 3 years after leaving home.
  • 事實上在莫哈維沙漠上確實存在一個叫「敢死隊」的地方叫做「敢死隊溫泉」,這個地點在巨石城的南面,在納爾遜的北面


  • Has platform::PCPC 如果你第一次來到敢死隊營地是從南方靠近,一隊軍團巡邏兵會在營地內部刷新,並導致一場NCR和軍團之間的戰鬥——如果這隻軍團的巡邏隊在戰鬥中幹掉了任何一位任務相關的NPC都會導致任務失敗,讀檔或者從其他方向(北面或者西面)靠近營地似乎就可以避免與一隊軍團巡邏隊在營地內部刷新。[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 After accepting any mission at the Camp Forlorn Hope whenever you're outside everything appears in a violet haze very similar to that of Camp Searchlight's green haze.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC 第一偵查營的成員,在到達敢死隊營地,仍然可能會繼續說和他們在麥卡倫營地與惡魔幫作戰時一樣的對話。[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 這裡的NCR士兵屍體上會有兩個身份牌而不是一個。[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 After examining Dr Richards patient closest to the door of the medical center, a Powder Ganger and two Great Khan soldiers may enter the tent, attacking Dr Richards and the player depending on reputation. They stay in the tent and no more can be seen elsewhere in the camp.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 The rangers that spawn in the east-facing and south-facing sniper nests will occasionally not be armed.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, when you fast travel, everyone at the camp will become hostile.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Just west of the camp where the Courier must find the supplies during the quest Restoring Hope, the same Nightkin from the one in Novac might spawn in a rock.[已验证]


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