I. .. I. ..这是我的丈夫约书亚。他得到了一些麻烦...酒吧。他意外击中一个公民被警方抓获。他不是那个意思,但他一直喝,...Amanda

Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua is a quest in Fallout 2.

Amanda is a woman who lives in the eastern corner of the Vault City Courtyard. She will ask you to rescue her husband, Joshua, who is currently in the Servant Allocation Center in the inner city.



  • Convince the guard that Joshua has contracted the (insert Chosen One's name)'s Syndrome (Speech 80% or Doctor 75%).
  • Offer a bribe (from $250 to $1000 depending on your Barter skill).
  • If you're a citizen, you can tell Barkus that Joshua is a troublesome individual and should be kicked out before he causes others to act up as well or that he may be infected (Speech 75%).
  • 如果你的警卫队长,你可以下令释放他。
  • 做到这一点受力,但它不建议,因为每个人都会对你翻脸。

在这两种情况下,你会得到500 XP中,如果你将他释放。他在庭院帐篷,跟他的妻子增加32美元的奖励。


  • You won't get the quest if you're a Slaver or a Childkiller or if your Karma is less than 0.
  • After you collect the reward, Joshua and his family will leave once you exit the map, so make sure you get the Wrench from Curtis first.
  • 如果你是男性,你可以问阿曼达性支付,而不是钱.

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