Political Leanings is an Institute repeatable side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Institute side quest: Political Leanings
Talk to Justin Ayo at the Synth Retention Bureau in the Institute.
Travel to Diamond City and head to the Mayor McDonough's office.
Get the report.
Bring the report to Ayo.
Rewards: 75 XP
(Speech check) 100 caps

Detailed walkthrough

Upon speaking with Justin Ayo in the Institute, he will tell the Sole Survivor that Diamond City's Mayor McDonough is a synth that was put into place to monitor the evolution of the Commonwealth.

Ayo periodically sends someone out to Diamond City to retrieve McDonough's report and asks the Sole Survivor to do this for him. After traveling to Diamond City and finding Mayor McDonough, he'll already have been informed that the player character was on their way and gives them the report. Once the report is retrieved, one will need to travel back to the Institute and give it to Ayo to complete the quest.

Once given the report, Ayo can also be pushed, with a Speech check to give a reward of 100 caps.

Quest stages

100 Talk to Mayor McDonoughDr. Ayo of the SRB has asked me to collect an intelligence report from the Mayor McDonough synth in Diamond City.
200 Take the Mayor's report to Justin AyoI collected the intelligence report from the Mayor McDonough synth, and now I need to deliver it to Dr. Ayo in the Institute.
1000Quest finishedQuest completeI collected an intelligence report from the Mayor McDonough synth, and I successfully delivered it to Dr. Ayo in the Institute.
1500Quest failedQuest failed


  • Companion reactions to this quest:
  • Though the player character has proof the mayor is a synth, they cannot give the report to Piper (or anyone else), even if she is there to react to meeting the mayor (i.e Piper, who hates meeting the mayor but does not say anything about it). He is discovered only after finishing the main quest by siding with anyone but the Institute and entering into Diamond City, starting the quest "In Sheep's Clothing."
  • This quest is repeatable, if the player character waits for a while then Ayo will ask them to pick up another report.


  • Has platform::PCPC If the player character successfully asks for a reward from Ayo, then walks away far enough to interrupt the dialogue before Ayo finishes speaking, they will receive the caps but the dialogue is not complete and the quest is not closed. Speaking to Ayo again will allow choosing a different response prior to closing the quest.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Sometimes McDonough will not engage in dialogue, but instead talk about how busy he is, and then continue to do absolutely nothing. This stops the quest from progressing. [已验证]