The Malden Middle School is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This location is a schoolhouse that is mostly intact on the outside with one corner of the building missing. The main doors are boarded and cannot be entered, but there are two floors accessible from the side of the building, with a single classroom and office on the first, and a second classroom on the top floor. The cage door to the left of the office on the ground floor leads to the basement, which houses the entrance to Vault 75 guarded by Gunners.


  • Once the basement is entered and Vault 75 is discovered, Malden Middle School will no longer be marked on the Pip-Boy map. Instead, the standard gear logo will replace the school's, marking the location of Vault 75.
  • The school's proximity to a Slocum's Joe, relative location to Malden Center, and position on the map suggests that it's based on the real life location of Malden High School.
  • Upon beating the game and siding with the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel will be present and fighting the Gunners here after the destruction of the Prydwen.
  • If the basement has not been entered prior to the conclusion of the main Institute plot, the Sole Survivor may encounter synths or The Brotherhood of Steel with all of the Gunners appearing to have been killed by the synths or the Brotherhood depending on which actions were taken by the player.

Behind the scenes

In the second floor living quarters in the main area directly opposite the elevator, there are three sets of wooden blocks spelling "Gary.” Gary was one of the original occupants of Vault 108, who was cloned as part of the vault's experiment.


The Malden Middle School appears only in Fallout 4.


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