Morgantown is a city in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102. Morgantown is a city in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Situated on the banks of the Monongahela River in northern Appalachia, the city of Morgantown was alive and booming prior to the Great War. The home of Vault-Tec University, the city was a prime stop for many students, hunters, miners, soldiers, and visitors passing through. To meet the demand for transportation within the city amid a country experiencing a low supply of gasoline[1], the city featured a monorail that had a stop at Morgantown Airport and Vault-Tec University, as well as two stops at both the northern and southern parts of downtown. People living and working within the city had challenges, though. Some businesses were impacted by new technologies and a changing world that decreased their revenue[2][3][4], while others suffered from the growth of the local land values that triggered increase of rent.[5]. For the most part, Morgantown was a lively city and continued to be so, even after the Great War, if not with a twist.

Following the war, the city was torn apart by violence, chaos, and subsequently, death. Some managed to wait out the turmoil, but in time, even the students at Vault-Tec University had to leave from loss of rations.[6] In a throwback to the feudalism experienced in the middle ages, the city came to be ruled by tribes, torn apart by the squabbling of numerous rival student gangs. These gangs were formed by students survivors, that emerged from the Vault-Tec University and the city of Morgantown, and were led by students from VTU who had been studying to become overseers. [7] In the first year, many students died of natural causes like radiation poisoning, dehydration, starvation, however, most students died from the wars between the Greek houses.[8] RadAway shortages became commonplace, as time passed without any substantial relief. In particular, one such event was recorded in which a group of male students fought over a cache of RadAway they found and killed one of the students - marking the first death by fellow peer.[9]

At this time, the two leading Greek houses were the Roof House and the Street House. These two houses were differentiated by their territories, with the Roof House ruling from the monorails and roofs of buildings, while the Street House survived among the alleys and streets below, with both bent on destroying the other.[10] The continued onslaught of radiation decimated the houses, causing students and other survivors to lose their hair and skin or just simply keel over dead. It was only with the aid of RadAway that the leading houses were able to maintain control over Morgantown and their territory.[11]. In time, a possible truce between Street House and Roof House was suggested after the radiation proved to be too much for them to cope with.[12]

After The Christmas Flood of 2082 nearly wiped-out the Responders in Charleston, a group of them, led by Maria Chavez returned to Morgantown Airport, claiming it as their headquarters and setting up a tent city and other facilities across the tarma, to perform triage and provide aid for the surrounding area. A member of the group, Sanjay Kumar, managed to set up a protectron to patrol the streets and three locations with supply caches,[13] along with modifying the machinery inside Mama Dolce's Food Processing to manufacture canned food.[14] Morgantown's proximity to The Mire allowed for trade with Harpers Ferry to develop, aided by the Appalachian Brotherhood protecting the passage through the mountains out of Grafton Dam, at least until they were forced to pull out.[15]

In 2097, despite all their efforts, the Responders were invaded by the Scorched and subsequently wiped out. By 2102, the only inhabitants of the city were feral ghouls and the Scorched - with the fate of the other survivors unknown.


The city has a colossal amount of loot, both notable and junk, spread out through the old campsites, buildings, caches, etc. There's a few workstations hidden through the city, although most of them are on the rooftops, which can only be accessed by climbing stairwells and fire escapes, parkouring from the monorail tracks, and various combinations of the two. Two daily events, Back on the Beat and Feed the People can be completed every twenty-four hours for various items and experience.

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  • Apartments (Inaccessible Interior)
  • Attorney (Responder Stash Room)
  • Delicatessen (Responder Stash Room) and Apartments (Interior and Roof Access)
  • Foodstuffs Building (Rooftop Camp)
  • Morgantown Monorail Station: North (and Parking Lot)
  • Pulowski Preservation Shelter (North)
  • Red Rocket Gas Station
  • Riverbank Pipe Pile, Metal Garage, and Warehouses
  • Shadowbreeze Apartments (Scaffold Apartments, and Moorman's Interior and Roof Access)
  • Student Survivors' Chem Lab (Monorail Tracks)
  • Water Tower and Northwest Hillside Homes
  • Welcome to Morgantown Sign


  • Apartment Building (Morgantown): Accessible via the Monorail tracks and jumping across the roof. Use the downed utility pole across the street from the Bar and Wine Cellar as a marker. see page for details.
  • Bank Apartments and Responder Stash Room M-3: Accessible via the Monorail and street, this block of apartments sits above the Responder Stash M-3 room accessible during the Daily quest Back on the Beat.
  • Bar and Wine Cellar (Morgantown): Accessible via the street, there are two entrances into this building: through the basement door that leads into the wine cellar, or via the front porch main entrance.
  • Fallon's Apartments: Accessible by climbing/parkouring up to the roof. The Parking Garage (Morgantown) is connected to this building.
  • Liquor Store: Responders Headquarters and Roof Shack: The interior store serves as a 'Bot Shop' where the protectron for the event Back on the Beat is found. The roof shack is accessible via the Monorail or the fire escape by jumping from the top railing and onto the adjacent roof.
  • Liquor Store Apartments and Roof Shack: This building is the large white apartment building connected to the Liquor Store: Responders Headquarters and Roof Shack. It is accessible from the Monorail tracks where a wooden bridge connects to the roof. A hole in the wall of the Bank Apartments and Responder Stash Room M-3 is directly across from the roof. On the roof is a small shack with the holotape History of Morgantown: Vol. IV on an HVAC duct along the left wall of the shack.
  • Morgantown Monorail Station: University
  • Nuka-Cola Billboard Apartments: These apartments have an accessible interior and a roof camp.
  • Parking Garage: This garage is used to climb up to the roof camp of the Fallon's Apartments. A house decorated with Christmas lights is right next to the garage, to the east. On the porch of the house is the note Note from a Concerned Neighbor tucked under the welcome mat.
  • Pawn Shop and Roof 'Space' Camp
  • Pharmacy and Delicatessen Store Block and Roof Camp: Accessible via the street/fire escape. This building is directly across the street from the Fallon's Apartments, on the southeast corner of the Tent City and Defensive Wall.
  • Tent City and Defensive Wall


  • Apartment Tower (Interior, Roof, and Monorail Access)
  • Bank of Morgantown (University Branch)
  • Book and Stationary Shop, and Barber's
  • Graviano's Italian Eatery
  • Limestone Tenament (Roof and Monorail Access)
  • Morgantown Monorail Station: South
  • Morgantown Tavern
  • Pawn Shop and Post Office (Inaccessible Interior)
  • Pulowski Preservation Shelter (South)
  • South Morgantown Farmstead
  • Super Duper Mart (Inaccessible Interior)
  • Yellow Apartment Block (Roof Access)


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Holotapes and notes
  • 可疑的笔记 - 在杜妈妈食品处理厂西南边一个充满陷阱的仓库,有两份。一份被钉在一楼的木箱上,另一份在楼上机械猴处。
  • 纪念书本 - 摩根镇南站入口附近,书店的保险箱内,书店本身和沙龙店连在一起。
  • 人资会议纪录 - 镇的南端有个带有公寓招牌(Apartments)的红砖建筑内桌子里,可以从旁边Graviano's Italian eatery的梯子或是单轨铁路进入,附近有间大无敌超市。
  • 给珍妮特 - 镇的南端的酒吧内,钉在公告栏上。
  • 单轨列车维修人员记录#30045 - 在大学站乘车处的单轨列车里。
  • 受损全像卡带 - 在避难所科技大学单轨列车站的东北边,从附近的帐篷区经过对面街上的停车场,在一个垃圾箱旁的女性尸体上。
  • 愚蠢的街头小鬼 - 一样大学站东北边的建筑屋顶桌上,通往屋顶的楼梯钉满了刺钉。
  • 全部拆光 - 避科大东边帐篷区里成堆的木箱上,附近有一堆椅子。
  • 摩根镇之役 - 在帐篷区北边的流动厕所内。
  • 来自麦迪的明信片 - 在影风公寓东北边的房子门廊桌上,旁边有具骷髅和蓝色行李箱。
  • 来自祖母的明信片 - 摩根镇高中的水塔东北边住宅区一栋红砖屋,门廊的骷髅旁。
  • 来自伊莉莎白的明信片 - 大学北边一栋银行上方的公寓楼层内桌上,可从单轨铁路进去或自底下爬上来。
  • 辐射问题 - 在公寓屋顶一个搭建的小型营地处,睡袋旁边。可以从单轨铁路延伸进去或从逃生梯跳下来。
  • 摩根镇历史:第I册 - 从大学站的单轨铁路往北走,左侧有堆几个盒子可以跳到一栋建筑屋顶,翻过去就可看到营地,就在那。
  • 摩根镇历史:第II册 - 上述铁路继续北走至往西靠近机场处,南向延伸的路段会被煤渣块和木板挡住,跳到旁边的建筑屋顶,一路沿著上面铺好的木板往前走就会看到,在桌上。
  • 摩根镇历史:第III册 - 在靠近单轨列车北站的木制哨塔底部,旁边有弹药箱和旅行袋。
  • 摩根镇历史:第IV册 - 在上述伊莉莎白明信片那里的屋顶上。
  • 动弹不得 - 上述第IV册建筑北边的屋顶上,需由单轨铁路跨大步跳过去,全像卡带旁有座武器工作台。
  • 来自避科大的明信片 - 同上,附近的桌子上。
  • 摩根镇历史:作者注记 - 上述第IV册建筑南边的屋顶上,从单轨铁路往南跳到逃生梯,再跳到招牌底下的窗台,走过屋顶就会找到营地。
  • 来自爸妈的明信片 - 同上,梳妆台上。
  • 大家 - 在银行的M-3储藏点内,应变同盟尸体旁桌上,事件任务中才能进入。
  • 来自家乡的明信片 - 在酒吧二楼桌上,被玻璃杯压著。
  • 未完成的明信片 - 在木制哨塔东南边,由北站的停车场地面出口走出去就可以找到,在一张有铅笔跟啤酒瓶的桌上。
  • 心理学概论笔记本封面 - 木制瞭望塔的化学工作台右边。
  • 攀爬屋顶的人写的诗 - 在街头帮的帐篷区东北边红砖建筑屋顶上。先跳到旁边的停车场上,在跳至红砖建筑的逃生梯,爬上去后再接著屋顶一路往上走到最顶端就会看到。
  • 生日祝酒词草稿 - 在老艾刺青工作室以南斜对面的咖啡店(Graviano's Italian Eatery)里,柜台对面的垃圾桶内。
  • 生意不好 - 上述纪念书本提到的沙龙店内,在锁起来的小房间。
  • 自动录音0000001 - 在老艾刺青工作室东南边的大无敌超市,停车场的神秘箱里。
Other loot

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Morgantown appears only in Fallout 76.


  • 游戏中摩根镇还原了现实摩根敦的特色,包括邻近的机场、学校和个人捷运系统,不同的是现实西维吉尼亚大学是多个校区散布在镇上,游戏中则限缩在一处。
  • On the east side of town, there is an apartment building with a Nuka-Cola billboard. Inside one of the rooms is a set of wooden blocks that spell out "BFG," a reference to the weapon first appeaing in the Doom franchise, published by Bethesda Softworks since 2010.
  • 有趣的是,现实摩根镇的位置在格拉夫顿北边,游戏中的地点反而对应了到现实的巴克汉嫩


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