Morgantown Airport is a location within Morgantown, Appalachia, in 2102.


The Morgantown Airport served as headquarters for the Responders after the Great War. In 2096,[1] all surviving Responders were recalled to defend the airport from the Scorched. Their efforts to defend the airport were unable to stop the Scorched, who overran the airport and killed everyone inside. With the fall of their headquarters, the Responders were unable to mount an offensive to retake the airport, nor were they able to establish a new headquarters. By 2102, when Vault 76 opened, all known Responders were either dead or had abandoned their posts and fled Appalachia. The automated cargo bot delivery system the Responders used is still functional and triggers the event Collision Course when a player is in proximity of the landing pad.


Once serving the people of Morgantown, the airport was converted into the hub of operations for Responders across Appalachia. With plenty of space on the tarmac to set up tents for sheltering, feeding, and treating refugees, as well as the terminal building for advanced training and housing other necessary facilities for the Responders, it was an obvious choice. Over the years of their operations, the Responders have fortified the airport's perimeter, using salvaged vehicles including IFVs, though they have consistently struggled to scale their operations up to meet the demand.

The Morgantown Airport contains the Morgantown Airport terminal and the outdoors area surrounding it, including the main parking lot, tarmac and hangars. Military tents have been set up all over the location and many shipping containers have been converted into makeshift shelters. Once a major base for the Responders, it is now populated by Scorched and petrified corpses.

In the front parking lot are medical tents and a triage station. The Morgantown monorail has a station at the front of the terminal, and various walls and checkpoints have been constructed around the entrance.

There is a community garden next to a basketball court behind the terminal to the northwest. It contains a bounty of produce including wild carrot flowers, snaptail reeds, razorgrain, tatos, corn, and many pumpkins (both already harvested and still planted). There is an armor workbench in a red shipping container near the garden. There is a blue container to the south of the red container which contains a weapons workbench and Responder Rocky's corpse. A cooking station can be found near a truck whose long trailer car has been made into a shelter.

The main control tower has makeshift scaffolding around the outside upon which sits a machine gun turret. Inside the tower is a radio which is the source of the Responders distress signal, as well as a holotape recorded by Melody Larkin.

Three hangars to the northeast of the main control tower have been converted into a Bot Shop, medical area and laboratory. The Bot Shop used to be Miguel Caldera's main base of operations and his terminal can still be found inside. The Bot Shop also contains a weapons workbench, tinker's workbench and cooking stove, and a fusion generator with a working core. There is also a steamer trunk on the first floor which can be looted. The medical hangar next door contains four first aid boxes and the Responders laboratory terminal.

The laboratory hangar is located in a fenced off quarantine area next to the medical hangar. It contains a chemistry station and a Scorched corpse on a medical examination table, ready to be dissected.

Further into the quarantine area is a Quonset hut marked ‘quarantine’. It contains cells with the bodies of those in varying states of become Scorched - corpses, skeletons and petrified corpses. At the back of the area is part of a destroyed Skylanes Air plane. Inside is a cooking station as well as a makeshift camp in the cockpit with a cardboard cut-out of Nuka-Girl and a safe. Beside the plane is a landing pad for cargobots which is still operational in 2102.

Two power armor stations can also be found in the area.




The interior of the Morgantown airport terminal was significantly redesigned in Fallout 76 patch


Morgantown Airport appears only in Fallout 76.


摩根镇机场还原了现实的摩根敦市立机场,该机场也被称为Walter L. Hart Field。



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