We Rangers hail from back east, what used to be called Nevada. Our heritage stretches back to the days of the Texas Rangers.

Tycho is a Desert Ranger and a recruitable NPC in Fallout.


A survivalist by trade, Tycho is a veteran of the wastes. 他戴着一个防毒面具(为防万一),穿着强化皮甲,带着手指虎、军用水壶、所有常见的生存装备。通常可以看到他穿着沾满尘土的皮装甲,脖子上挂著防毒面具,护目镜用来预防沙子和眩光和一个用于伪装和遮阳的沙漠迷彩斗篷。他手上的双管霰弹枪further confirms the feel that he's just another mercenary.

However, in reality, Tycho comes from the Desert Rangers, a small, but formidable faction from the Mojave Wasteland and beyond, experts in survival and self-styled peacekeepers of the wastes. 他的背景使得他知道如何在沙漠中求生。他离开家乡和商人及探险者在沙漠上游荡多年,一次次带回货物和地图。提可一开始只是小小旅行一段,当他更有经验后就走得更远了。他到达德州的墨西哥湾然后回到西部。

最终在西海岸他做为一个长途探险家加入沙漠游骑兵,stopping in Junktown for some rest and relaxation, just as the Vault Dweller comes to the settlement to kickstart a small revolution.

Interactions with the player character编辑

Interactions overview编辑

General Services Quests
Companion: Icon check
  • Permanent
Talking head: Icon cross
Merchant: Icon cross
Modifies items: Icon cross
Doctor: Icon cross
Starts quests: Icon check
Involved in quests: Icon check

Other interactions编辑

To obtain Tycho, the player must head to Junktown and be at the Skum Pitt located in the far North Eastern part of the city at 5 o' clock. He will join you indefinitely if you have taken on Killian's quest to deal with Gizmo. If Killian is killed, Tycho becomes non-recruitable.

Due to sprite limitations, he can only use rifles, shotguns, small handguns and a spear. He has 60 hit points. It is unwise to give him any weapon with a burst function; he wastes ammo and can accidentally shoot you if you are near his target when he uses the burst function.

Effects of player's Actions编辑

If caught stealing Neal's Urn from the Skum Pitt (before recruiting), Tycho will become hostile to the player.

Tycho can teach you some survival skills.

Tell me about编辑



服饰 武器 其他道具 死后身上
Leather armor Shotgun Stimpak x3
12 gauge shell x20
Bottle caps


  • He is equipped with the best armor and has the most health of all the NPCs who can join you.
  • Although he wears a regular leather armor, Desert Rangers seem to have a special armor issued to the U.S. Marine Corps before the Great War.


Tycho appears only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • Tycho's grandfather was a Desert Ranger (the Desert Rangers are a reference to Wasteland, a game from 1988 which is considered to be Fallout's predecessor). Tycho also mentions the "fat freak" from Las Vegas, which is a reference to Fat Freddy from Wasteland.
  • Tycho is not mentioned anywhere in Vault Dweller's memoirs, but Tandi in the Cafe of Broken Dreams mentions him and the Vault Dweller, indicating that they did get together after all.
  • According to lead designer Josh Sawyer ([1]) Tycho's description in Fallout was the inspiration for the NCR Ranger combat armor and the Desert Ranger combat armor in Fallout: New Vegas as Tycho himself is described as "a man in dusty leather armor with a trench coat and gas mask".

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