"City of the Dead"
Welcome to Camp Searchlight, the shittiest place on Earth.Private Edwards



200年前核子大戰爆發時曾有一輛運輸自聖-奧菲的核廢料的卡車經過,Local police directed the drivers緊急將核廢料桶放在這裡的消防局, but no one ever came back to retrieve them。The New California Republic recently set up a sizable base here; this was a major obstacle for Caesar's Legion due to its size and clear view of the surrounding desert. When it became obvious that a direct assault would not prove fruitful, Vulpes Inculta派遣間諜調查得知該地看似一切正常,但是卻有這麼一個安全隱患。他騙幾名不知實情的軍團士兵開啟此處的核廢料桶,這幾個倒霉蛋迅速死於輻射,整個據點的NCR軍人迅速死亡或者變異為屍鬼。從此,這個據點淪為了不毛之地。[1]




Astor's recon camp

The devastating radiation attack by the Legion on Camp Searchlight has pushed the surviving NCR soldiers back to minimum safe distance. The fury and emotion is still raw, as First Sergeant Astor leads his men on patrol, and witnesses what his brothers in arms have turned into. In the modest camp lies First Sergeant Astor's log; it reads as if the man blames himself, and is ready to drop.[1]


  • 探照灯镇东教堂
    • 探照灯镇教堂地下室
  • 探照灯镇西教堂
    • 探照灯镇NCR仓库
  • 探照灯镇小学
  • 探照灯镇消防局
  • 探照灯镇民宅
  • 探照灯镇警察局


  • 列兵愛德華茲
  • 洛根
  • 軍士長阿斯特

Notable loot

  • 東邊小教堂的地下室里有寶物,一本潛行技能書,2顆小核彈或者3個神聖手雷
  • 絕版消防斧「咚咚」,在消防隊二樓衛生間里。需要開啟任務「命運之輪」
  • 夕陽沙士星星瓶蓋,在消防隊二樓東北角廚房的一個桌上。頂樓行李袋裡有個隱身小子。


  • 命運之輪
  • 人固有一死
  • 血債血償


  • The background music is City of the Dead which was originally used for Necropolis in Fallout, as well as Navarro and Vault 15 in Fallout 2.
  • 「啟示錄第9章第6節」被寫在教堂外牆上,「L」寫得就像倒立的「T」。內容如下:"在那些日子,人要求死,決不得死。願意死,死卻遠避他們。"這也許是參照了殭屍和狂暴殭屍的情況。本來受到強烈輻射的生物都會死去,而它們卻不得不活在痛苦之中。
  • Multiple Searchlight firetrucks appear in The Divide, in the Lonesome Road add-on.
  • If the Courier follows Vulpes Inculta's recruit group, they will pass by here and get into a fight with the NCR troops around 5:30 pm.
  • Camp Searchlight can be seen without the green haze in the E3 2010 trailer [2] at one minute in.
  • Vulpes Inculta may have learned of the presence of the trucks from the one at Cottonwood Cove Overlook, as it was a part of the convoy the other two trucks were in.





  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Logan will not talk with the character. Also, he does not have the Firehall key when pick-pocketed or killed, if having already killed other characters involved in obtaining Knock-Knock. Note: if killed before killing Boxcars while on the Wheel of Fortune quest, his body should have both keys on it.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 If player discovers and raids the supply cave before approaching Logan, it will be impossible to proceed with the quest, only if the 4 radiation suits have been repaired to make one radiation suit already.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Two firetrucks, both stationed behind the Camp Searchlight fire station, don't have fully developed physical properties. The back end of each the trucks have no physical properties what so ever (you can walk straight through them) however the front cab on both trucks are like any other vehicle within Fallout: New Vegas.[已验证]



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