Icon Institute quest
Radiant location
奖励350+ XP
*4 fusion cells
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Appropriation is an Institute radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough编辑

Institute radiant quest: Appropriation
Talk to Evan Watson in The Institute.
Head to the unnamed location and collect the blueprints.
Head back to the Institute and talk to Evan Watson.
Reward: 350 XP
*4 fusion cells

Detailed walkthrough编辑

Speak with Evan Watson of the Institute's Advanced Systems section. He'll tell the Sole Survivor he is impressed with the Brotherhood of Steel's technology and that the Institute could learn a lot from it. He will then proceed ask the player character to go to the surface and find some blueprints for him, advising that there is a small Brotherhood salvage team that has some of these blueprints, thus being the target for collection of blueprints.

Upon arrival at the location, a small team of Brotherhood members will be guarding the blueprints, who will become hostile when attempting to retrieve the blueprints. Kill them, take the blueprints and return to the Institute. When handing them to Watson, he can be convinced with a speech check to give a reward, which if successful, will be 4 fusion cells.

Possible locations编辑

Quest stages编辑

100 Retrieve the blueprintsIn an effort to learn more about their technology, Dr. Watson has asked me to obtain blueprints from the Brotherhood of Steel.
500 Take the blueprints to Evan WatsonI've acquired some Brotherhood of Steel blueprints, and now I need to take them to Doctor Watson.
1000Icon checkQuest completeAt the request of Doctor Watson in Advanced Systems, I retrieved some blueprints from the Brotherhood of Steel.
1500Icon crossQuest failed


  • This quest becomes available after completing Synth Retention.
  • If the player has not yet sided with a faction in the main story and is in good standing with the Brotherhood, the salvage team will not become hostile upon looting the blueprints.
  • X6-88 likes it when the blueprints are picked up.
  • Danse hates it when the blueprints are picked up.

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