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Your knowledge of robotic components allows you to break them more easily and salvage their mechanical corpses. You have a +25% chance to score critical hits against robots, and you'll also find more useful components on robots you destroy.— In-game description

Certified Tech is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


The perk adds a 85% chance that a robot will have one fission battery, two scrap metals, two sensor modules and three scrap electronics on its body upon death, provided it is killed by the player. This is added to the items it would normally have, not replaced. The perk works with any creature of the robot creature type, independent of faction or other indicators. This includes robots from other add-ons, such as robo-scorpions, but does not include cyberdogs.


Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Rather than a flat 25% increase to critical hit chance against robots, the Certified Tech perk incorrectly attempts to add a flat 0.25% increase to critical hit chance. Due to the nature of the bonus being flat and unaffected by weapon modifiers, rounding will always reduce the addition to zero, completely nullifying the perk's effects on critical hit chance.[已验证]

  • Fixed with JSawyer.

Behind The Scenes

There is an unused SPEL "NVDLC04CertifiedTechPerkEffect," observable through the GECK. Based on the use of "Increased Sneak" at magnitude 15, at some point of development the Certified Tech perk would have made it easier to sneak - presumably versus robots.

  • Quiet As The Waters is similar to this concept, but instead uses a script to reduce the targets' Perception by 3.