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The boxing gloves are a non-lethal weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.



Like boxing tape and the Golden Gloves, 这种拳套能给对方造成“疲劳损害”,把敌人击倒在地。不过它的力量要求只有1点,相应的,它的攻击力很低。

众所周知,机器人是不吃这一套疲劳损害的。The gloves will add additional devastation to each blow to compensate for the lack of effectiveness.

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它可以攻击1245次 from full condition before breaking.



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  • They can be bought at Gun Runners outside the east New Vegas entrance, but they rarely appear.
  • Chet at the Goodsprings General Store occasionally has them in stock but they are usually in poor condition.
  • Mick of Mick & Ralph's in Freeside may have a pair available in poor condition.
  • A mid-condition pair can be found inside a locked (average) locker in Jean Sky Diving.
  • East of the Hidden Supply Cave there is a small campfire (close to the mountain); near it one can find them inside a gun case.
  • Occasionally found inside Nash residence, Primm. The boxing gloves are found in the right gun cabinet in the bedroom. Must be stolen.
  • A pair in poor condition will be given to the Courier by Doc Mitchell if the Unarmed skill is tagged.


  • This weapon will apply the same fatigue damage even if the attacked non-player character is blocking. [已核实]
  • No additional fatigue damage is applied when the player's attack results in a Critical Hit or sneak attack critical. [已核实]


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