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Plated boxing gloves
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Fallout 4Boxing gloves
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Boxing gloves are special gloves designed for use in the sport of boxing. The modern boxing gloves was created by Jack Broughton in the early 1700s. They are made with complete leather backed stitching, re-enforced padding and attached with velcro. Boxing gloves also come in different styles and weights.



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Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
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In Fallout 2, the boxing gloves are a set of red leather boxing gloves used by the Chosen One in the New Reno boxing ring. 在輻射:新維加斯,这种手套的设计思路是尽量保护好你的指关节,同时让你能够狠狠地猛击对方的脸,却又不会造成特别严重的伤害——这意味着你可以用它来把敌人揍趴下,但是不至于要了他们的命。In Fallout 4, the boxing glove functions as any other melee weapon and can be upgraded with components such as spikes or lead lining.

Plated boxing gloves

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The plated boxing gloves are standard boxing gloves with metal plates slipped into them for bone-crunching damage.


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Boxing tape is a lightweight and durable hand covering meant for being worn under boxing gloves.

  • For the unique version that was to appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money, see Starlet's hand wraps.