Listen. Thanks for saving my life. It's a mighty brave thing to do. Looks like we got ourselves a situation here. I know Gizmo's behind this, but I need proof. You interested in helpin'?Killian Darkwater

Save Killian's life is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Save Killian's life
Speak with Killian.
Kill Kenji.
Speak to Killian.
Accept Killian's quest.
Refuse Killian's quest.
Reward: 400 XP, +2 Reputation, +1 if credited for killing Kenji
A day in jail, -1 Reputation (if you refuse to accept Killian's quest)
All Junktown guards turn hostile (if denied going to jail)
Next quest: Get Gizmo's confession

Detailed walkthrough

In the Crash House area of Junktown, go to the Darkwaters General Store. Talk to Killian Darkwater. Kenji will step in and attempt to assassinate Killian shortly thereafter. If the Vault Dweller intervenes to protect Killian, it will open up the Get Gizmo's confession quest, which the Vault Dweller can accept or refuse.

If one refuses the confession quest, Killian informs the Vault Dweller about information leak inadmissibility and offers for them to go to jail peacefully for the night. The Vault Dweller can agree or disagree with this. If one agrees to go to jail, Killian escorts them. Andrew will release the Vault Dweller at midnight when Gizmo and Izo will be killed already. Alternatively, the Vault Dweller can bust out of jail before midnight. If the Vault Dweller does not agree to go to jail peacefully, Killian and the Junktown guards turn hostile.


  • 400 XP
  • +2 or +3 Reputation (depending on whether or not the player character delivered the final shot to Kenji) if they agree to help Killian further or if declining to help and not going to jail.
  • -1 Reputation if refusing to help and going to jail.


Kenji will appear in Killian Darkwater's store the first time dialogue with Killian ends, unless already having been hired by Gizmo beforehand. In that case, Kenji will not appear, as the player character is the assassin.


  • Kenji will not do anything if the player character talks to Killian before he shoots, thus breaking the quest.
  • If Kenji is killed by a critical hit before the player character has a chance to attack, Killian will not initiate dialogue with them and will not start the Get Gizmo's Confession quest.