locationThe Den, Klamath (Fallout 2)
Wrecked Highwayman (Fallout: New Vegas)
Nothing can stop a Highwayman.

—Highwayman's slogan

Highwayman was a car model manufactured by Chryslus Motors in pre-War USA.


The Highwayman uses an electric motor that can be charged with either microfusion cells or small energy cells. It has a sizable trunk, a fuel cell controller and spacious interior able to accommodate at least seven people, even the tallest of people (including at least one super mutant, robobrain and deathclaw in the same group).

Fallout 2编辑

The Highwayman is the only working vehicle usable by the player in Fallout 2, can support the entire party of the Chosen One, from Marcus to Skynet. That particular Highwayman could be found in the The Den. Its missing part, the fuel cell controller, could be found in Gecko.

The battery can be charged with either microfusion cells or small energy cells. A full pack of SEC (40) charges it up 20%, a full pack of MFC (50) charges it up 50%. To refuel the car, select the Highwayman, use the "bag" icon from your drop-down menu and choose the respective energy cells. The Highwayman has also a trunk where you can store your items, with a sizable 22 cubic feet capacity.


It can be upgraded throughout the game with several items:

Behind the scenes编辑


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