A finger is a miscellaneous item found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 3

In Fallout 3, once the Lone Wanderer gets the Lawbringer perk they are found on evil characters (such as raiders, slavers, smugglers, Enclave soldiers, and Talon Company mercs). They have no weight, and while they have a value of 1, Sonora Cruz of the Regulators will reward the Lone Wanderer with 5 to 10 caps and +10 Karma for each finger.


  • Lawbringer is the "good Karma" equivalent of the Contract Killer perk.
  • NPCs killed before getting the Lawbringer perk will not have fingers on them.
  • If other characters (including partners, guards, and the Mysterious Stranger), creatures, or environmental aspects (such as exploding cars) do more than 50% of the target's total HP in damage, a finger will not appear on the body.
  • Super mutants, feral ghouls, and Chinese remnant soldiers do not drop fingers.
  • Sonora Cruz will pay 5 caps per finger unless the Lone Wanderer has 750 or more Karma, at which point they will pay 10 caps per finger, this is determined by your Karma before the turn-in, not after. Each finger will give the Lone Wanderer 10 Karma, regardless of their current Karma. If you are 10 Karma away from 750 and you have multiple fingers, dropping all but one and doing 2x turn-ins will net more caps.
  • Junders Plunkett drops a special finger that is worth 1,000 caps to Sonora Cruz, and will only spawn once you have the perk.
  • A single finger may be found at an Enclave camp southwest of Vault 92, on a table, near many dead corpses in a truck. Without Lawbringer, this finger can do nothing.
  • Fingers also appear in the inventory of the patients seen unconscious, lying in beds in both Rivet City's and Megaton's clinics if they are killed and searched (despite that killing them will result in a loss of Karma).

Fallout: New Vegas

The finger in Gibson's shack

A single finger can be found in Gibson's shack, pinned to the wall by a machete above a skeleton.


Has platform::PCPC Sonora Cruz can't take more than 999 fingers at a time. If you have more than that in your inventory when delivering, she only takes 999 but still rewards you for all of the fingers (12,800 caps for 1,280 fingers with very good Karma, for instance). You can deliver the remaining fingers for more Karma and caps.[已验证]