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==Detailed walkthrough==
Once the Survivor completes the quest [[Call to Arms]], this one will show up automatically, asking the player character to go back to [[Cambridge police station]] and talk with [[Danse]].
After the discussion, Danse asks the Sole Survivor to help both [[Rhys]] and [[Haylen]] doing their respective jobs:
* [[Cleansing the Commonwealth]] (repeatable)
* [[淨化聯邦]] (可重複)
* [[Quartermastery]] (repeatable)
* [[軍需補給]] (可重複)
Once either of the requisite quests have been done, the quest [[The Lost Patrol]] may begin after talking to the Lancer Captain.
This quest will be marked as completed once both requisite quests have been completed once each. The requisite quests are repeatable whether or not this quest has been completed.
==Quest stages==
==Quest stages==
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* If the player chooses to join the BOS in the previous quest, upon entering the police station, Paladin Danse will inform Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys that the Sole Survivor is now a new member. Rhys will make a snarky comment about them staying, commenting that he expected them to take their payment and run, to which the player chooses a response. Afterwards, Danse will immediately chide Rhys for his comment. Next he will address the Sole Survivor and state that they'll "need to understand what it means to be part of the Brotherhood," and how they must follow a strict code and always follow a given order without question. The player may then choose their response. If playing as the male character, one of the dialogue options for the Sole Survivor is for him to mention his time in the military.
* 如果玩家選擇在之前的任務中加入兄弟會,進入警察局後,聖騎士丹斯將告知海倫學士和里斯騎士,唯一倖存者現在是新成員。里斯將對這個決定諷刺一番,在玩家選擇回應後他會評論說他以為僅存者拿了酬勞就走了。之後,丹斯會立即責備里斯的言論。接下來,他會向唯一倖存者發表談話,聲明他“需要了解成為兄弟會的一部分意味著什麼”,以及他們必須遵守嚴格的準則並始終毫無疑問地遵循既定的命令。然後玩家可以選擇他們要如何回答。如果扮演男性角色,唯一倖存者的對話選項之一為提及以前在軍隊中的生涯。
* The Vault-Boy's animation for this quest is the same as that in the "Connection Error" state in the ''Fallout Pip-Boy'' companion app.
* 此任務的避難所小子動畫與''allout 嗶嗶小子''App中的“連接錯誤”狀態相同。
* With the ''[[Far Harbor (add-on)|Far Harbor]]'' [[Fallout 4 add-ons|add-on]] installed, either Rhys or Haylen may assign you their mission to a location in Far Harbor.
* 安裝[[Far Harbor (add-on)|港灣驚魂]]資料片後,里斯和海倫有可能指派你前往遠港的地點執行任務。
==Behind the scenes==
''Semper invicta'' is Latin for "always invincible." It is also the motto for the city of Warsaw, Poland since World War II; a testament to the strength of the city.
本任務名稱原文''Semper invicta'' 是拉丁語"所向披靡"的意思,它也是第二次世界大戰後波蘭華沙市的座右銘;與該市在世界大戰的頑強抵抗有關,詳見[ 華沙歷史]。

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Icon Semper Invicta
Semper Invicta trophy
奖励300+ XP
base id0002bf20
Semper Invicta trophy
requirementsComplete Semper Invicta
gamerscore10 Gamerscore
trophy typeBronze Bronze
Haylen,'s time to welcome our newest recruit to the Brotherhood.

Paladin Danse

Semper Invicta is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest and an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel main quest: Semper Invicta
Return to Cambridge police station.
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Support the Brotherhood recon team.
Reward: 300+ XP
Leads to: Shadow of Steel
The Lost Patrol
Cleansing the Commonwealth






Quest stages

10 Talk to Paladin Danse at the Cambridge Police Station.I've refused to join the Brotherhood of Steel, but if I wish to reconsider, Paladin Danse has told me to return to the Cambridge Police Station.
200 Support the Brotherhood Recon Team.I've accepted Paladin Danse's offer to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Now that I'm a member of the team, I should assist Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen with their current assignments.
210 Finished Rhys' assignment.
220 Finished Haylen's assignment.
255Icon checkQuest CompleteI've completed my initial assignments for Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen.
355Icon crossQuest Failed


  • 如果玩家選擇在之前的任務中加入兄弟會,進入警察局後,聖騎士丹斯將告知海倫學士和里斯騎士,唯一倖存者現在是新成員。里斯將對這個決定諷刺一番,在玩家選擇回應後他會評論說他以為僅存者拿了酬勞就走了。之後,丹斯會立即責備里斯的言論。接下來,他會向唯一倖存者發表談話,聲明他“需要了解成為兄弟會的一部分意味著什麼”,以及他們必須遵守嚴格的準則並始終毫無疑問地遵循既定的命令。然後玩家可以選擇他們要如何回答。如果扮演男性角色,唯一倖存者的對話選項之一為提及以前在軍隊中的生涯。
  • 此任務的避難所小子動畫與allout 嗶嗶小子App中的“連接錯誤”狀態相同。
  • 安裝港灣驚魂資料片後,里斯和海倫有可能指派你前往遠港的地點執行任務。


本任務名稱原文Semper invicta 是拉丁語"所向披靡"的意思,它也是第二次世界大戰後波蘭華沙市的座右銘;與該市在世界大戰的頑強抵抗有關,詳見華沙歷史


  • Icon pc Icon ps4 Icon xboxone If Paladin Danse is spared during the quest Blind Betrayal, Haylen can be removed from the game upon completion, making it impossible to complete this quest without use of console commands. The quest marker will still be attached to her location, but as she's disabled and under the world, there is no way to interact with her, or even reach her. This can be addressed by entering prid 5de4b, followed by moveto player, and finally enable. She should then be able to give the player Quartermastery as normal.[verification overdue]

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