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戰鬥步槍為軍用的、發射全威力子彈such as 7.62x51mm NATO的步槍。This designation is usually given to第二次世界大戰結束後研製的可選射擊模式步槍, such as the FN FAL or the M-14.



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The battle rifle was used by American soldiers during the Resource Wars. This rifle is effective in mid-to-long range combat. However, long range combat is difficult because of the gun's relatively wide spread.


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The FAL is an all-around, select-fire rifle whose burst mode is effective against light and medium armor. It uses 7.62mm ammunition.

  • FN FAL (night sight) - an upgraded version of the FN FAL equipped with a night vision scope
  • FN FAL HPFA - an upgraded version of the FN FAL with increased damage and full automatic fire


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The M-14 succeeded the M1 Garand as the standard US Army rifle. It chambered the NATO standard 7.62mm round and like its predecessor, was noted for its reliability and ease of operation. It has a better range but lower damage than the AK47, and the same AP costs as a similar weapons.

M1 Garand

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The .30 Cal Garand was the first automatic rifle to be used as the standard infantry weapon of a major army when it was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1936. Its rugged construction and reliability make this weapon a popular and valuable addition to anyone. It's a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle, utilizing an internal magazine fed with an en-bloc clip holding 8 .30-06 caliber rounds.