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The Combat Zone is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Combat Zone is the former Orpheum Theatre that has been repurposed into a fight club, which was later claimed by raiders about three years before the Sole Survivor encounters it. It is located at Hamilton Place just off of Tremont Street. It is also the location of a potential companion, Cait, with whom the Sole Survivor meets after speaking with Tommy Lonegan.

In the entrance, two raiders are behind a security gate that can be unlocked via the adjacent terminal. They remain non-hostile. In the same area is an Expert safe.

Within the theater, a large cage dominates the stage area. All inhabitants except Tommy and Cait turn hostile, the latter taking refuge inside the cage until the battle is over. At that time, Tommy may award the Sole Survivor with around 100 bottlecaps for clearing this area.

Once cleared, one can find several stations: On the left as upon entering are a weapons workbench and an armor workbench. A chemistry station is on the right hand side of the entrance, and a cooking station is also on the right towards the stage area, as well as a second to the left of the main doors.




  • When Cait 'wins' the scripted fight, there is a chance that it will trigger Idiot Savant.
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  • 一段湯米·羅尼根被刪除的對話顯示戰區是給玩家去打架賺錢的地方,Tommy makes reference to prize money and a lift in the basement that takes combatants up into the arena. This was cut for unknown reasons, but the location remained likely due to Bethesda attempting to keep Cait in the game.
  • On PC, using the console command coc combatzone02 will teleport the player character to an unused basement of the combat zone with dressing rooms, an elevator lift and stairs to the main stage, etc. coc combatzone01 can be used to return to the uncut combat zone.
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The Combat Zone appears only in Fallout 4.