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Combat armor is among the best forms of protection in the post-War wasteland. Although extremely expensive, the protection value of this armor and its variants is surpassed only by power armor. It was designed to sheath the human body as completely as possible with a high-durability armor.




The combination armor layers of a suit of adequately-maintained combat armor grant the wearer significant protection from most types of damage, including laser, plasma, ballistic (bullets, shrapnel), and blast damage - uncommon for personal armor. Furthermore, it does so without the extreme weight inherent in most battle armor systems of the 20th and 21st centuries. In summary, combat armor provides outstanding protection at comparatively low-weight and high-comfort levels.


Combat armor ad from Fallout d20




After the war, it became a valuable item, especially as the number of usable suits dwindled in the centuries that followed. Only those who are either very wealthy, very well-connected, very skilled, or simply very lucky own combat armor - and even for those people, finding a suit can be a task.


In 2161, combat armor was rare outside large population centers. The Gun Runners that originated in the Hub owned and wore several sets, while a few merchants had a suit available for sale at extremely high costs. The armor was also used by the Hub police. The Brotherhood initiates used a superior variant.

In 2241, the armor became more popular, used by the Vault City guard, New California Republic Rangers, Hubologist guards and even some raiders, as evidence by Bishop's mercenary raider captains and Darion's elite raiders. The selling price was lower, but locating a set of the armor was still difficult. Shops in San Francisco often had a set or two in stock, but usually for $12,000 or more.

In 2281, pre-war combat armor remains uncommon. The bulk of the NCR Army makes its own armors, most troops are issued inferior hide breastplates. However, the NCR Ranger patrol armor handmade in the NCR is on-par with pre-war combat armor. Various forms of riot armor are also used by NCR troopers (only on the Long 15), NCR Rangers, and NCR riot control. Despite not being used by the major nation-states converging on the area, abandoned sets of combat armor can still be found through scavenging, and it is still used by mercenaries and notably, the Gun Runners, making it uncommon, but not unseen.


In 2277, the combat armor is fairly commonplace in the Capital Wasteland, owing to the heavy military presence in and around the capitol region, and the heavily populated east coast in general. Combat armor used by several factions have recolored it to fit their profile.

In the Commonwealth, combat armor remains commonplace, being the armor of choice of the large raider-mercenary faction known as the Gunners, who are not dissimilar similar to Talon Company. Pieces of combat armor can also be found in the possession some Raiders or Minutemen, or found in shops or containers.



FO3 Combat Armor.png
游戏文章: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter, Fallout: The Board Game

Combat armor in Fallout and Fallout 2 consists of an armored breastplate with a matching helmet and boots worn over a black long sleeve shirt and brown pants. In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas it appears as green bodysuit worn with combat webbing over which armored plates are mounted. In Fallout 4, combat armor is a series of modular plates on combat webbing to be worn over Army fatigues or Military fatigues, with superior versions incorporating a flak jacket and additional panels. Combat armor offers excellent protection at a lighter weight than other armors, but is considerably less common.

In Fallout 4, combat armor comes in 3 forms, with the latter 2 having the "sturdy" and "heavy" prefix added, respectively. The first form is simply just combat armor plates on webbing covering the chest and partially covering the upper arms and thighs. The sturdy version includes a flak jacket and additional plates for the forearms and shins. The heavy form provides superior protection, it covers nearly the entire body and provides the highest and most balanced protection of any armor; it is also the lightest of all the heavy armors.

  • For other versions in Fallout Shelter, see: sturdy combat armor, heavy combat armor.


US Army combat armor.png
游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

希望領导弹发射基地有一件,里面是褐色的衣服,外面是橄榄绿的战斗盔甲。肩甲部位的造型和其他战斗盔甲不同,且各有一颗金星,意味着这件盔甲的主人大概是一个二等兵。这件战斗盔甲的防御能力超过标准的战斗盔甲以及强化型战斗盔甲,不过比不上强化型MK II。It also gives a bonus to the guns and survival skill.

Winterized combat armor

American soldier OA.png
游戏文章: Operation: Anchorage

This winterized version was used by the United States during the Anchorage Reclamation campaign in Alaska. The winterized combat armor includes snow goggles, a mask and protective bracers in addition to the other features already present in combat armor.

Winterized medic combat armor

Winterized Medic Armor.png
游戏文章: Mothership Zeta

A special winterized version was used by doctors and medics during the Anchorage Reclamation campaign in Alaska. It closely resembles the winterized combat armor, except it doesn't have the mask and black goggles for the helmet, and has a red cross symbol on the back.

Combat armor Mk II

游戏文章: Fallout 2

A superior version of combat armor in Fallout 2, it is very similar in appearance to the standard set, though slightly bulkier in the inventory screen. This set of combat armor was typically issued to special forces and troops tasked with breaking through enemy lines. Combat armor Mk II provides superior protection in every day compared to its predecessor, at the cost of a minor weight increase.


Combat armor reinforced.png
游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Shelter

战斗盔甲的改进型号,覆盖面积扩大到全身,手臂也被防弹材料包裹在内。下身的装甲板重点覆盖了膝盖和小腿,this combat armor has a higher damage threshold than the regular version, and is less common. It also strongly resembles the original combat armor from Fallout and Fallout 2.

  • For other versions in Fallout Shelter, see: sturdy battle armor and heavy battle armor

戰鬥裝甲強化型MK 2

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

这种新版的战斗盔甲是为了取代远游的强化型战斗盔甲而设计制造。这种重型盔甲有着更强的防御力,原本是给美军的突击队和特种兵装备。它的装甲板看起来明显要厚实很多,覆盖面积涵盖了大部分躯干, and is the strongest form of combat armor.

An improved version of the reinforced combat armor, this high tech suit was created as a heavier, more protective armor likely used by special forces. The suit consists of a huge chestpeice covering most of the torso in thick armor plating, and is the strongest form of combat armor, providing greater protection against all forms of damage.

Sim regen armor

游戏文章: Operation: Anchorage

A version cut from the final version of the Fallout 3 add-on, Operation: Anchorage. It is identical in appearance to standard combat armor, but automatically heals crippled limbs.


Brotherhood combat armor

游戏文章: Fallout, Fallout 2

The Brotherhood of Steel has also developed their own improvement on the reinforced combat armor. Brotherhood armor boasts significantly-improved defensive ratings in all forms of damage. However, this armor did not see widespread use as its holdings were zealously restricted to the ranks of the Brotherhood and those who had been of unique assistance to the Brotherhood. Its distinguishing marks includes pale green/gray coloring of the armor panels, blue trim on the chest armor panels, a light gray body suit, and pronounced riveting on the pauldrons.

Security uniform

游戏文章: Fallout 3

A weaker version of combat armor used by the Tenpenny Tower Security and Rivet City security after the War. The Tenpenny Tower version is very similar to the basic combat armor but with a desert color, while the Rivet City one has a black color with headgear that resembles a riot helmet rather than the usual combat helmet.

Talon combat armor

Talon combat armor.png
游戏文章: Fallout 3

A black-colored variation of the basic combat armor. The suit also bears the Talon Company logo in white on the left breast. There is also a unique version - Lag-Bolt's combat armor.

Reilly's Rangers combat armor

Ranger battle armor.png
游戏文章: Fallout 3

A version of combat armor used by Reilly's Rangers. This version offers superior damage resistance and bears the Reilly's Rangers insignia while retaining the standard olive-drab camouflage with matte finish.


VanGraff CombatArmor.png
游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

一件涂成全黑 for "brand recognition purposes",but has no matching black helmet的战斗盔甲,乃是格拉夫家族的标志性装备。It closely resembles the Rivet City security uniform.


Unrelated to the combat armors listed above, riot armor was created before the war and used by the Los Angeles Police Department and the United States Armed Forces. In the Mojave Wasteland, it has become the signature armor of the NCR Rangers.


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FNVHH Desert Ranger Armor.png
游戏文章: Honest Hearts



Riot gear.png
游戏文章: Lonesome Road

这种绿色涂装的盔甲是洛杉矶警局所用的防爆盔甲升级版,性能更好。棕色大衣袖子上臂各有一个小袋子,小臂部位有着绿色绑带。The helmet also features a different design on the gas mask and a small spike protruding from the tip of it. The helmet also gives the effect "Sneak Sight", which gives the player low visibility sight while in sneak mode. This will toggle from on to off once you exit sneak mode.


Advanced riot gear.png
游戏文章: Lonesome Road

与标准版的镇暴盔甲相比,这种的肩甲部位更大,移到了大衣外面,胸部的装甲板看起来更綠一些,前臂部位也增加了厚实的装甲板。It also has a faded 第11装甲兵团 emblem on the helmet. The suit itself looks a lot thicker and the duster looks darker along with a cleaner appearance. The eyes of the helmet glow red at night, much like the NCR Ranger combat armor during the Fallout: New Vegas intro. The helmet's air-filtering system seems to be more advanced, and there is a Flashlight on the side of the helmet, however, this cannot be used by the player or any other character. The suit also weighs 5 pounds less than standard riot gear, NCR Ranger combat armor, or even Desert Ranger combat armor.


Elite riot gear.png
游戏文章: Lonesome Road

独一无二的镇暴甲,精英版能看出更多的附件。腰带上挂着水壶,肩膀上有根挂着几个口袋的皮带。It also lacks the faded 11th Infantry emblem on the helmet and has the addition of green tubes on its enhanced gas filter as well as an antenna connected to the flashlight on the right side of the helmet. There is also a canteen attached to the belt and a bandolier that spans across the chest plate. It provides a high level of protection for its weight and the only medium armor with a higher DT is the Gannon family Tesla armor.


NCR 游骑兵巡逻裝甲

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

战斗盔甲戰後衍生版,配发给游骑兵们。由NCR的兵工厂手工制造,肩膀、腰侧等部位的装甲板看起来很厚实。左胸部位的黑色刀鞘插着一把战斗刀,背上还有个水箱 and the Ranger insignia on both pauldrons. It boasts protection comparable to its pre-war counterpart.

Urban combat armor

游戏文章: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

A recovery combat armor, crafted with Kevlar and metal plating put on a leather armor, created after the Great War and only seen in Texas.