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關於a chronology of the major events leading to the Great War,參見Timeline

Little is known about the various pre-War countries, aside from countries that have had prominent appearances in the Fallout series such as the United States, and to a smaller extent China, Canada, and Russia. Nonetheless, many nations are mentioned in-game, with most of the information concerning other countries in-game being made prior to the Great War.




The world map in Federal surveillance center K-21B, The Whitespring bunker, and the globe offer insight into the Fallout world. On them, several bodies of water such as the Mediterranean Sea are the same color as land masses, either a developer error or another divergence from the real-world. As well, the Soviet Union, present in the Fallout universe, is split into former-Soviet states such as Ukraine and Russia like in the real-world rather than united as one country.




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